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snowshoeWe are so looking forward to Winter running and snowshoeing!

Here are 3 Winter running gear essentials!

We love running in each of the seasons, but there is something special about being in the great outdoors during Winter.

Whether for running, snowshoeing, skiing, or even sledding, Winter offers plenty of options for adventure.

Share your best advice on running gear essentials here.

Our Winter Running Gear Essentials

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Being fans of outdoor adventure, especially during Winter, we've found some excellent gear for Winter running.

Most of our findings occurred through our own trials and errors.

Though, some came from the advice of those more experienced in certain Winter sports than we had been at the time.

Get ready for our list of top three must haves, and be prepared to share your own lists, too!

1) Hand Protection

Raise your hands if they're sensitive to extreme temperatures. Ours are!

A Summer job during college had us baking bagels, doubling up on gloves because of the heat of the oven.

We've found the same sensitivities when it comes to Winter weather.

In our two favorite, Winter races, The Endurance Society's Frigus and The Beast of Burden Winter 50 Mile Ultramarathon, we've found the best levels of comfort when we've "doubled up" on hand protection.

By doubling up, we mean having both gloves and mittens, allowing for use of one, the other, or both when necessary.

With mittens, your fingers are able to remain in contact, providing the benefit of warmth from each other that you wouldn't experience with gloves.

Though, when the winds pick up and wind chill intensifies, you may opt for wearing both at the same time.

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Our favorite glove and mitten combo: Burton Gore-Tex Mitten/Glove combo #CommissionsEarned

2) Warm Running Socks

One thing that we learned, the difficult way, is that socks worn in the more forgiving seasons of the year don't offer the same protection when it comes to trudging through feet of snow for hours on end.

When we figured that out, we switched to generic, wool socks, but they weren't designed to provide the durability and function required of an athletic activity.

Finally, we decided upon the Winter version of our favored, Injinji toe socks. We're miffed as to why that option hadn't occurred to us earlier, but we're glad to have decided on a favorite!

Available on Amazon (affiliate link).

Our favorite Winter running socks: Injinji Toe Socks #CommissionsEarned

3) Appropriate Footwear

When we made our first attempt at participating in a Winter snowshoe race, we thought we were well-prepared with regard to our footwear choices.

Our Salomon Fellraiser running shoes had done so well in our mountain and trail racing leading up to the event, so our confidence was high. Plus, we had those Winter running socks we'd mentioned.

Though we made it through the race, we know that our feet could have been happier (read: warmer) throughout.

With that in mind, we searched for the Winter running gear footwear options that would allow for comfort and warmth, but also for ease of transition between microspikes for Winter running and snowshoes.

With a little more trial and error, we found some favorites of our own, though we love hearing what friends and other athletes are experimenting with!

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Our favorite Winter footwear: Merrell Boots #CommissionsEarned

Share Your Favorite Winter Running Gear Essentials

tell your story

Now you know our 3 Winter running gear essentials!

What are your must-haves for Winter running?

Did you experience a similar journey of trial and error?

Share your running gear story here.

We can't wait to learn from you!

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