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treadmill running tipsThere is such a thing as a fantastic treadmill workout!

Want a few treadmill running tips?

You're not alone.

We've helped thousands of gym members to get better results from their treadmill workouts.

Share your best treadmill advice and favorite workouts here.

Where We've Helped Clients and Athletes to See Results:

  • Understanding heart rate zones
  • Improving running posture
  • Using treadmill incline appropriately
  • Applying speed work efficiently
  • and, more!

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Treadmill Running Tips: A Designated Area

You've probably been to a social gathering where fitness was being discussed.

home gymA neat, and organized, home gym area.

And so, you know that a number of people turn fitness equipment that could be positively life-altering into not much more than a place to hang their clothes.

Here's How to Keep this from Happening to You:

The clients who have seen the greatest success with their in-home gyms have been the ones who have created a designated workout area.

These are things, the area and fitness, in which they take great pride.

Often, in addition to their treadmill, they'll have outfitted the area with:

  • Gym flooring
  • Strength training equipment
  • and, items of inspiration

The area is setup in such a way that it is obvious to anyone who might see it, that it serves a serious purpose.

It embodies their commitment to the level of consistency necessary to achieving their goals.

Treadmill Running Tips: Set An Appointment

In working with clients through the years, those who were committed to a schedule of set appointments, and who kep those appointments, saw the greatest results over time.

When you happen to be your own "instructor" for your workout, it is best to pencil your workout time into your calendar as you would any other appointment, personal or professional.

"Success isn't always about greatness. It's about consistency. Consistent hard work leads to success. Greatness will come."
- Dwayne Johnson

A Running Log

Having a year-long, running log can certainly help, not only with keeping appointments, but with giving detail to those efforts.

Available on Amazon (affiliate link).

Treadmill Running Tips: Follow A Plan

Organization and appointment-setting are important elements in the running puzzle.

idea plan action

In fact, without them, you're unlikely to see results.

To achieve success, however, you'll also have to take action.

Though, as we've said before, random programming leads to random results.

Who Wants Random Results, When You've Set Specific Goals?

We don't want random results, and we don't want that for you, either.

strength workout for runnersHire a qualified coach. Look for the NSCA CSCS as one of the most-reputable certifications.

You deserve better, especially where you're taking the steps to create a foundation for success.

Individualized Programming

Individualized fitness programming, especially when combined with consistent, in-person coaching, is going to yield the best results.

So, if you're able, we recommend hiring a professional coach or Certified Personal Trainer.

They'll be able to conduct the appropriate information-gathering to help set baselines and a plan for success.

General Programming

Still, many others will opt for general programming.

These may not take into account the factors which make you, and your situation, unique. However, when designed well, and followed with consistency, many will see improvement in performance, and achievement of goals.

The best program is the one that you'll follow with consistency.

Most times, that consistency comes from having a program that challenges you mentally and physically.

Those challenges, along with some variety, can be what leads to the desire to show up for workouts, rather than to skip them because of boredom from lack of plan.

Recommended Reading:

Hal Higdon's "Marathon: The Ultimate Training Guide" is a great place to start, with advice, plans, and programming for various distances.

Available on Amazon (affiliate link).

Flexibility and Mobility Resources:

We know that runners run, yet they also need to invest time in developing flexibility and mobility. Take a moment to explore Movement Vault for a new 15-minute video routine each day. Stream your routine on all devices, at any time!

Treadmill Running Tips: Woodway Treadmills

We've managed gyms featuring a variety of treadmill brands and models.

best treadmillsRunning on the best treadmills makes all the difference!

There are pros and cons to a number of them.

Were we asked to choose just one type with which to outfit a new, large facility, studio, or home gym, we'd choose Woodway treadmills right away.

Here's Why:

Most treadmills consist of a thin belt, which covers a wooden deck.

Over time, dust, debris, and dirt collect underneath the belt.

When the treadmill is in use, the collected dirt increases the friction between the belt and deck, and acts like sandpaper would, eating away at the wooden deck.

Should enough of the deck become compromised, it wouldn't be unusual for a runner to fall through the deck.

A Better Option Exists with Woodway Treadmills.

Rather than a deck and belt, Woodways are comprised of individual slats, running the width of the tread. Each of these have a rubberized landing surface, thicker than that of a traditional treadmill.

This extra cushion helps to lessen the effects of the impact felt by the runner with each stride.

The design also eliminates the concern of collected dust and debris leading to disintegration of a deck that could result in injury.

For Runners of Every Level, and of All Goals:

Whether you're a senior, concerned about osteoarthritis, or if you're a seasoned athlete, wanting to avoid injury while improving performance, Woodway treadmills provide the best of both worlds.

Available on Amazon (affiliate link).

Share Your Treadmill Running Tips and Running Story

tell your story

Do you have a treadmill at home?

We'd love to hear about your experience with it.

Share your treadmill running advice here.

A few ideas on items to share:

  • How you picked your treadmill
  • Your favorite treadmill workouts
  • Best tips for keeping your treadmill well-maintained

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