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trail runningWho else loves trail running?

Our love of trail running really began with our switch from road running.

It wasn't a complete transfer, however, as we still enjoy both.

Tell us about your favorite trail races, marathons, and training here.

It must have started with our introduction to Spartan Race and Tough Mudder events, as those brought us away from the roads and into the mud.

And, as we realized what was needed to succeed in obstacle course racing, we quickly realized that we would need to spend more training time on the trails rather than on the roads.

With that came new:

Trail Running Shoes

One of our first realizations was in our realization that our traditional road running shoes weren't going to cut it.

With the roots, rocks, and mud that we were now facing, we had to upgrade.

And, so we first experimented with Salomon trail running shoes.

Shortly afterward, we tested out Merrell trail running shoes.

We've really honed in on those two so far, but with the wealth of options, we know we've only touched the tip of the iceberg.

Running Trail

running trailWho doesn't love running trail?

Our love of running trail is much different than our love of road running.

The sounds are different. The sights are different. And, the terrain itself is vastly different.

Instead of looking out for cars and traffic, you're more aware of roots, rocks, and wildlife.

Instead of your Spotify play list, the sounds you're accompanied by are the sounds of nature.

Generally, you're more lost, but also more alive. Is there anything better?

Trail Running Gear

trail running gearWhat do you love for trail running gear?

The items you'll need in regard to trail running gear are much different than those you'll need for running roads.

From trail running shoes to gaiters, hydration packs to running headlamps, and even Winter running gear, it'll pay to be fully prepared for both training and for racing.

Trail Running Tips

As much as our community is apt to deliver tips for road running, we're as likely to have great trail tips, as well.

You'll be able to find these both in our Q&A sections, as well as in response to individual articles, whether posted by representatives of our site, or via reader-contribution.

We're all about paying it forward, so we're very excited to deliver the best information to you.

The Trail Marathon

In much the same way that you may have a marathon bucket list, you may have a trail marathon bucket list, as well.

Whether your goal is a trail marathon in each of the 50 States, or if it is to race and to compete internationally, you're welcome to share information about your goals.

More than likely, you'll find someone who has similar goals, and may even be a race day running partner!

Have A Question About Trail Running?

Whenever someone make the switch from road running to trail running, they are bound to have lots of questions.

With that in mind, you're invited to ask away in our running questions section.

We're looking forward to learning what's on your mind, what your running goals are, and how we can best help to propel you to continued success!

Tell Us How Much You Love Trail Running & Why!

It is a different runner who is drawn to the trails.

Tell us why you love the trails, what brought you there, and what keeps bringing you back!

Here are some examples of topics you might write about:

  • My Best Trail Running Advice Is _____.

  • The Best Trail Running Gear Is _____.

  • My Top Trail Running Tips.

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