The Mobot Water Bottle for Runners

by Annie
(Malibu, CA, USA)

Mobot Water Bottle for Runners

I just found the Mobot Water Bottle for Runners online. I'd never seen it before, but thought it'd be awesome as a gift for runners, athletes, and personal trainers. It's a water bottle and a foam roller in one!

I first saw it on the Instagram page of one of the USA track and field runners. It looks like a normal water bottle, but has a pressure point coating or wrapping on the outside so you can use it like a foam roller just like my personal trainer makes me do.

I haven't used it yet, so I don't really know it's functionality, but I definitely want one, and I'll probably get one for my personal trainer and a few of my running friends, too!

Editor's Comments Regarding the Mobot Water Bottle for Runners

Hi, Annie! Thanks so much for visiting and for your submission to our running gifts section.

This is the first we've seen of the Mobot water bottle, too. And, it looks awesome!

Check out the Mobot page on Amazon for all the detail and product options CommissionsEarned.

We took a look at their website, and found a bunch of related Instagram posts from athletes who are using this water bottle. It absolutely looks like it serves it's dual purpose well. And, it just looks cool! We want one!

From what we gather, there are several different sizes:
  • Firecracker 18oz

  • Grace 27oz

  • and, Big Bertha 40oz

We also noticed that it is described as being BPA free, FDA approved, made of stainless steel, eco and travel friendly.

Sounds like an awesome water bottle for runners, and definitely a great gift! Thanks for letting us know!

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Oct 08, 2019
I got one!
by: Emily

I just got one of these, and love it! It is tougher than a regular foam roller, so that takes some getting used to. But, it really is awesome, and everyone asks about it all the time!

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