The Best Merrell Trail Running Shoes

by Just a Runner
(The Mountains)

Merrell Trail Running Shoes

Merrell Trail Running Shoes

These are the best Merrell trail running shoes that I've had, by far.

I don't know their specific name, but I got them at REI before a race a few years ago. (I was actually only there because the auto-tying laces on a pair of my sneakers by a different brand had snapped).

The Merrell shoes were much lighter in weight than I expected, and had a durable upper area. I've definitely had some flimsy shoes in the past, and was glad that these didn't fit that category.

The other cool thing about this pair was that they didn't have the lugs on the bottom that I'd become accustomed to with other mountain running shoes. It seemed more like a waffle pattern (see picture). I'm not sure which is really better, but my grip has felt good in training and in racing on both trails and mountains.

I've gotten them pretty wet on training runs, and they either don't let in much water, or they drain pretty well compared to other sneaker options. Also, no blisters to speak of, though I'm not sure if that is because of my preferred Injinji socks, or just the overall foot care prior to races.

Since purchasing this pair, I've gone back for another pair of Merrell running shoes #CommissionsEarned, and two pairs of Merrell hiking boots. I'm definitely a fan - not that I wouldn't try other brands - but, Merrell has treated me well so far.

Off to run, y'all!

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Oct 24, 2019
My Favorites!
by: Ian

Merrells have always been my fave! Great choice!

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