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It is always exciting to share some of the best running tips.

It is one of the reasons that we created this site.

And, not just so we could share running advice with you, but so that you could share some of what has helped you in your running journey, as well.

Share your best tips for runners of all levels here.

What has helped you is sure to help out another runner, regardless of your level of running ability or experience.

We're all in this together!

Before you get out the "pen and paper" to become a contributing author of sorts, here are our Top 5 Best Running Tips!

Our Top 5 Best Running Tips: 1) Know Your Why!

purposeKeeping Your "Why" Top of Mind Will Help You Carry On!

It is inevitable that runners will encounter tough times.

Sometimes, it happens during training. Other times during races.

It could be a mental obstacle, a physical hurdle, and sometimes both at once.

There have been times, usually while mountain running, during the middle of 12+ hour races, where the weather, my legs, and my mind have not been on the same page.

In most of those cases, turning around and heading back to the starting area, would have been as difficult, physically, as continuing on.

As you're presented with the "what to do" scenario, it is important to return to your "why," your foundational purpose or reason that drove you to dream in the first place.

Keep that in mind during those toughest of times. More often than not, it should give you the spirit to continue moving forward.

For Contributing Authors:

Do you have a mantra that helps to keep you going?

2) Make an Announcement!

announcementTell the World about Your Running Goals!

A key element in achievement is found through the support of others.

One way to garner that support is by broadcasting your intent.

Inform people of your goals, important dates in your training and/or racing, and your "why" behind it all.

Once they know, they'll be that much better able to help in holding you accountable for sticking to your plan.

Though your friends, family, and co-workers may be a fantastic support system, we'd love for you to share your goals with our community.

You can do so here:

For Contributing Authors:

Who helps to support you? How do they do that best?

3) Get the Right Running Gear!

endurance society Frigus sled runThe Endurance Society Frigus Sled Run!

Without appropriate running gear, your enjoyment in even the most beautiful of environments could be compromised.

I'm sure that the -19 degree temperatures we experienced at the start of The Endurance Society's Frigus event (pictured), would have felt far different had we not had running socks, outerwear, and equipment that was up to the task.

No matter your choice of terrain, distance, or season, be sure  that you've created a solid foundation for yourself by choosing the best running shoes.

For Contributing Authors:

What are your most important gear considerations?
Is there something you couldn't imagine going without?

4) Focus on Consistency!

steps to successThe Important Steps to Success!

Among the many important steps to success is that of consistency.

As mentioned, there will be days where things don't feel like they're in alignment, where many variables feel as though they aren't cooperating.

It is on those days, especially training days, where your determination and discipline will truly be tested.

"The price of success is hard work, dedication to the job at hand, and the determination that whether we win or lose, we have applied the best of ourselves to the task at hand." ~ Vince Lombardi

For Contributing Authors:

What helps you to be consistent in your training habits?

5) Get a Qualified Coach!

running workoutWork with our Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialists today!

It is true that many of the variables of becoming a consistent runner are achievable through one's own self-determination.

However, there are several areas in which the expertise of a qualified professional will improve your results by leaps and bounds.

From designing running workouts, to implementing strength and conditioning programs, and organizing rest and recovery days, a certified professional takes the guesswork out of self-structure, allowing for greater success.

Become a Contributing Author: Tell Us Your Top 5 Best Running Tips!

We'd love to hear your Top 5 Best Running Tips for any level of athlete and/or any type of running.

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