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running stretchesDo you love running stretches as much as we do?

We love running stretches!

However, not all of our running friends feel the same.

They know they'd benefit from focused stretching.

However, excuses about time or knowledge abound.

Have some favorite stretches? Share them with us in our how to start running area!

How Important Is Stretching For Runners?

There are so many myths about exercise that have been debunked.

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Yet, with so much supporting research, we often find ourselves continuing to educate friends, family, and readers on elements that are key to their overall, health and fitness success.

Stretching for runners fits into this category.

What we've found, as certified fitness professionals, and through application with clients, is that both dynamic and static stretching have been important items in the performance and results that our clients have achieved.

There are important times and places where each type should be utilized within one's workout or routine.

That is likely the source of most (but not all) of the "debate" on the impact of stretching.

The Functional Movement Screen

As we've mentioned in many articles, we are believers in individualized, exercise prescription.


What that means is that each of us are unique in our body shapes, sizes, and muscular imbalances among other variables.

With that in mind, we've found that the greatest results are found when you've worked with a professional who is qualified to assess your unique, movement patterns.

The Functional Movement Screen allows a practitioner to:

  • Assess movement patterns
  • Select appropriate strength training exercises
  • Prescribe selected stretches

Each of these are accomplished with the goal of improving overall function.

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A Few Of Our Favorite Running Stretches

Through the years, we've developed a series of static and dynamic stretches that we use often with clients and in our own workouts.

We've found that the Movement Vault team shares many of the same principles that we do.

Just below, you'll find some of our favorite stretches, along with video demonstrations.

Running Stretches: Hip Flexor Stretch: End-Range Isometrics

We, as people and as runners, often sit too often. Being in that position as much as we are often leads to overactive hip flexors and underactive hip extensors (including the glutes). Here's one of our favorite hip flexor stretches.

Visit the Movement Vault for more videos like this one!

Running Stretches: T-Spine Joint Mobilizations

Certain areas of the spine should provide us with ample mobility, whereas other areas exist to provide stability. Often, our inactivity can lead to dysfunction. That's where movement protocols like a thoracic spine joint mobilization come into practice.

See more like this from the Movement Vault!

Running Stretches: Ankle Stretch Plantar Flexion Lift Offs

For as often as we use our feet, the ankles are get little love in comparison to the knees, hips, and other joints. Most people don't realize that restriction at the ankles can lead the body to look to create movement elsewhere. That's usually at the knee which shouldn't move as the ankle does. And, when the knee is forced to move as the ankle does, that usually results in injury.

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A Movement Vault Testimonial: Jaime Huestis

Here are a few words about Jaime's experience with Movement Vault's daily, 15-minute flexibility and mobility video prescription.

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Share Your Favorite Stretches for Runners

tell your story

Have you found stretches that you can't live without?

Share your favorite stretches with our readers in our How to Start Running section!

We can't wait to read about what's worked best for you!

We know our readers are going to love it!

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