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What we're most proud of, though, is that this site is interactive, encouraging the participation and contribution of our readers!

The running stories, articles, questions, and insight that you provide are what really make this site what it is today!

If you haven't yet had the opportunity, we'd love to hear about your greatest running experiences, your favorite destination races, how you train, about your dream races, and what you've learned as a runner.

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So, Where On Our Site Can You Contribute Your Running Stories?

Here are some of the most popular topics, and articles, within our site where readers, just like you, have contributed:

Ask A Runner: Our Running Questions Area

Running Questions - Have a question about anything running-related? This is the place to ask it. It is also the best place to read questions that other runners have asked, and to submit your best answers. It is one of our favorite parts of our site!

All About Marathon Running

Marathon Running - Do you have a favorite Marathon, Race, Event, Mountain, or Trail? Do you have a dream race? Give us your virtual vision board by writing your own article here!

5k Running - With the 5k being such a popular distance for runners of all abilities, we're positive that you've got lots to tell us about your favorite 5k races, whether local, running races, or ones you've traveled the globe to participate in. Give us the detail on your favorite 5k races, and you might see us at your local race one day!

10k Running - There are nearly as many popular 10k races as there are 5ks. Tell us all about your faves, and we'll put on our training caps in preparation to see you there!

Running Tips - Many of our readers have contributed their very own, "Top 5 Running Tips for _____." If you've got some words of advice that have been instrumental in shaping your running experiences, this is the place to share them!

10 Practical Tips for Running - Do you have more than 5 running tips? Maybe you have 10? Get on board with others who have shared their very own version of "10 Practical Tips for Running." We can't wait to read what you've got!

Other Running Sports (and non-running sports!)

Other Running Sports - Do you consider yourself to be more than a runner? Are you a triathlete, a swimmer, a biker, or all-around adventure seeker? Here's the place to tell us all about how you train, race, and recover for all of the other, fun sports that are out there to be enjoyed!

Rucking - We're so glad that we found this crosstraining option. It is a staple in our weekly activities, and has a rabid fanbase. Oh, you love rucking as much as we do? Tell us more about all of your rucking adventures, and lend some tips to those who are just getting started!

Race Reviews

Running Log - The "Running Log" is our spot, and yours, for race reviews. Did you run in a race this past weekend, or is there one you ran long ago that stands out in your mind? Give us all of the detail here! We're always looking for our next destination race, and here is where we find new inspiration!

Running Club

Running Club - The running club section is where you can shout out your favorite running clubs. We've found running clubs to provide amazing communities, much like extended families, that help to keep us accountable, inspired, and looking forward to what's next on our running calendar. Tell us all about the running clubs that have meant the most to you, and how they've shaped your experiences!

Running Coach, Strength Coach, & Personal Trainer Directory Submission

Running Coach, Strength Coach, & Personal Trainer Directory Listing Submission - Create your free, basic listing in our directory of professionals.

Running for Charity

Running for Charity - We couldn't imagine running a race without there being a charity component. We're so fortunate to have been involved with, and supportive of, so many organizations, helping to make meaningful impact in the lives of others. We'd love to hear about the organizations that are important to you, your running stories with them, and who and how they're helping others to live their best lives!

Running Gear Reviews

Marathon Running Gear - No matter the distance you might be covering, we want to know what you're wearing...in terms of running shoes, socks, undergarments, technology, etc. Tell us what's worked best for you, in what environments, and at what temperatures. The more we know, the better we'll all be prepared for that next destination race that puts us a bit out of our usual element.

Running Mind

Running Mind - In this section, we explore not just runners, but the mindset of athletes, sports psychology, and more. We would love to hear about what helps you to prepare mentally for training, competition, and for the obstacles that life and sports present.

Running Shoes

Best Running Shoes - This one is pretty self-explanatory (haha). Tell us what you've got on your feet and why!

Running Quotes

Running Quotes - We're always looking for running quotes, inspirational quotes, mindset quotes, and more. Read some of our favorites, and share yours here, as well.


Ultramarathon - Did we save the best for (nearly) last? We're waiting for you to tell us...in your ultramarathon stories!

Why I Run

Why I Run - Our About Me & About You section, where you can upload your own running profile based on a selection of popular questions, and whatever else you'd like to tell us!

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