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Choosing the best running socks can be a key element in the success of your training and racing.

This Summer's heat and humidity has been reminding me of that.

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While growing up, I hadn't very often encountered any blisters on the feet from running.

The only time I may have "suffered" from one was when breaking in a new pair of, probably ill-fitting, running shoes, where there had been more friction than normal (usually that annoying spot where the back of your sneaker rubs just above your heel).

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So, When Did I Know I Needed Better Protection?

The first sign occurred as I began getting into obstacle course racing (e.g., Spartan Race, Tough Mudder events, Raid Series, etc.) in which your feet are bound to get wet.

obstacle course racesMake sure your feet are protected well during obstacle course races!

A second sign appeared as I began racing longer distances (e.g., marathon running, ultrarunning, snowshoe races, etc.) where friction with so many repetitions often leads to hot spots and blisters.

If you've not experienced the pain of blisters when you've got miles (and miles) to go; and, if you haven't had the "pleasure" of the pain of the skin on the bottom of your foot folding over with each step from maceration (think of how "loose" the skin on your feet gets when you spend too long in the tub), better to grab some of the running socks and other products suggested here to minimize the possibility of becoming so acquainted!

You'll Want Trail Toes, Too!

No matter the type of running socks you wear, and the type of weather or conditions you're enduring, we've got a secret weapon against friction and blisters from running.

Trail Toes #CommissionsEarned accompanies our feet on every race that we enter, and on every long or wet training run.

Now it is your secret weapon, too!

Apply liberally to your entire foot (and ankle area) before your run. If it happens to be an ultra distance race, make sure you've got changes of socks, and possibly shoes, and be prepared to reapply as needed.

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Ready For The Best Running Socks?

endurance society Frigus race

Through a little bit of trial, error, and sore feet, we finally ended up with our favorite running socks; those made by Injinji!

You may have seen them.

They're the infamous toe socks (similar to the toe shoes that you also may have seen, though made by a different company).

What's great about them is that because each toe has its own "compartment," the friction between toes is significantly reduced.

Though many different runners will have their individual favorites, very likely because each and every foot is unique (not to mention how each foot strikes the ground during running), we've found these to suit us the best.

Our favorite are the "no-show" version, though if you are prone to any friction just above the heel, as described earlier, you want want to make use of the crew socks. 

And, with our Winter running and snowshoeing, we've found it to be great that Injinji also makes toe socks perfect for the chose chilly, below-freezing temperatures!

Click on the pics below to learn more, and to grab a pair of your own. They've worked wonderfully for us, and we believe they can for you, as well!

Happy running!

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Share Your Favorites

tell your story

Do you have socks that you won't run without?

Tell us all about your fave socks or other running gear here.

We're always learning and experimenting with our own gear.

We can't wait to hear what works best for you!

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