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mental running preparation | 5 running mindset tips

running preparationWhat sorts of resources do you use for running preparation?

Mental running preparation is as important as the physical aspect of running.

We're so good at planning some things, yet neglect other key areas.

Share your best stories and questions on running mindset here.

Runners, and other athletes, invest a lot of time in planning things like:

Where the physical requirements of running are ones that athletes attend to, how can we better ourselves in organizing the key mental elements?

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Here Are 5 Mental Running Preparation Tips

1) Organize your training

datebookGet a running datebook (whether digital or paper!).

"If you fail to plan, you are planning to fail." - Benjamin Franklin

We've often said that random training leads to random results. And, when that is the case, it becomes difficult to successfully achieve whatever goals we may have had.

That goes for training goals, as well as goals related to race day or competition.

Giving structure to your running workouts and overall training plan will give you better peace of mind, allowing you to focus on the process at hand, rather than on the level of disorganization you might otherwise experience.

Better focus will often lead to better results.

A Few Options for Organization:

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2) Organize your running gear

"The visionary starts with a clean sheet of paper, and re-imagines the world." - Malcolm Gladwell

Though this quote refers to pen and paper, we associate it often with cleanliness in organization of everything that we might need for a training run or for the day of the race.

For those early risers in the group, those who love their pre-dawn training runs, you've likely experienced the "joys" of not being able to find your running shoes, socks, or some other item that might be pretty important for the task at hand.


Luckily, that doesn't throw us too far off of our daily game plan, where we are usually able to rebound effectively, without losing too much time (or mileage!) in practice.

Now, imagine the morning of the destination race that you've planned and prepared for for so very long. And, guess what? You forgot to pack your running sneakers!

Experiencing that level of stress is never fun. Finding ways to better organize our running gear (dedicated spaces and closets for running shoes, socks, hydration packs, and fuel), has helped to eliminate a lot of those frustrations.

"(Some) Stress comes from not doing the things that we know we should (be doing)." - unknown

3) Positive self-talk

no fear

"Stop being afraid of what could go wrong, and start getting excited about what could go right." - Tony Robbins

We can sometimes be our own worst enemies, or we can be our own best advocates.

A lot of that stems from our habits and behaviors, especially in the many moments in which we are alone in our thoughts.

You've likely heard of positive self-talk, and it's importance can't be understated.

For those who are naturally optimistic, this may come easily. However, for those who find negative "what if" thoughts creeping in, this may take some practice, in just the same way that your physical training does.

More On Positivity and Mindset:

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4) Celebrate small victories

It is easy to become overwhelmed by the big picture goals that we've set for ourselves, or that are expected of us by others.

Unfortunately, the outcome of training and racing is not always what we've envisioned, or hoped for.

That can be completely deflating.

With that, we often advise friends and clients to celebrate the small wins along the journey.

Those little victories can happen daily, weekly, monthly, etc.

Be proud of the work you're putting in each day. Those small victories will add up!

5) Seek accountability

team celebration

Even in individual sports, we aren't in this alone.

Seek accountability through friends, family, teammates, and training partners.

Less than stellar days are bound to occur.

On those days, the supportive and encouraging words of an accountability partner can help to lift us over obstacles to our success.

More than likely, you'll be the one offering your own words of encouragement before too long!

Read More on Accountability:

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Do You Have Mindset Tips That Have Worked Well For You?

We love when our readers share their stories about mental running strategies that have worked well for them.

We'd love to hear the tips that you've used to strengthen your running mind, and to improve your consistency and performance in training and competition.

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