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We're happy to share our running fitness tips and our most highly recommended resources.

With nearly 20 years as a health and fitness professional, I've been incredibly selective in deciding which products and/or services I might endorse.

And, though it is my hope that the fitness tips provided in the articles on our site help you to realize sucesses and progress that you'd hadn't before experienced, I know that sometimes we need something that may be even more organized, progressive, and suitable for our continued achievement.

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With that, I wanted to share the short list of some of our most highly recommended resources, touching on the various areas you may want to address as a runner, or as someone interested in living a healthy life.


Metabolic Cooking | Healthy Recipes

metabolic cooking

Metabolic Cooking - With over 250 healthy recipes, Metabolic Cooking by Dave Ruel and Karine Losier, focuses on providing regular people, like you and me, the tools to burn fat with real food, and without fads or gimmicks.

Here are two FREE e-books of theirs that you might like!

Click through here to learn more about and to order Metabolic Cooking.

Precision Nutrition | Gourmet Nutrition

Gourmet Nutrition: The Cookbook for the Fit Food Lover - From Dr. John Berardi, Co-Founder of Precision Nutrition, comes Gourmet Nutrition.

With 300 pages of recipes, detailed cooking instructions, room for improvisation, and photographs of every creation, Gourmet Nutrition will have you eating intelligently, and in style.

Gourmet Nutrition Available On Amazon:

Available on Amazon (affiliate link).


Show and Go | Resistance Training Program

show and go

Show and Go - Where many runners want to improve running speed, most neglect to place a strong enough focus on strength training; the area on the spectrum of fitness in which they are often most lacking.

For those new to strength training, or those who are beginning their first, focused programming, Eric Cressey's "Show and Go" is a Four Phase System with attention to accelerating strength gains, performance improvements, and fat loss success; all areas that will make for a stronger, speedier, and more durable runner.

As a Show and Go Insider, you'll have access to:

  • The System Training Manual
  • Training Templates
  • Exercise Modifications
  • Soft Tissue Strategies
  • Video Reference Guide
  • The Video Database
  • Metabolic Conditioning Programs
  • Workout Finishers
  • Bonus Glute Exercises
  • Bonus Training Templates

Click through here to learn more about and to order Show and Go Training.

GORUCK | Special Forces Proven Gear & Events


GORUCK - With our ever-growing collection of GORUCK rucksacks (we have the GR1 and GR2, and my niece has the Kids Ruck!), we're constantly putting this gear to the test!

The GR1 has become my Every Day Carry (EDC) with plenty of room & protection for my laptop, as well as room for a 30lb. GORUCK rucking plate and hydration bladder when I'm out for a workout. The GR2 fast became my go-to for travel, as it is TSA-compliant, and is an organizer's dream. With the Scars Lifetime Guarantee, you can't go wrong!

Click through here to read our article on how to choose the best rucksack.

There's more to GORUCK than their rucksacks. With them, you'll find:

Some helpful goruck videos...

How to Ruck

Rucking Gear Tips

GR1 - Quality Driven

GORUCK GR2 Features

Click through here to learn more about GORUCK gear and events.

Perform Better | Fitness Equipment & Accessories

perform better logo

Perform Better - the experts in functional training, rehabilitation and sports performance.

Having been a fitness professional in the Boston area, I've long relied on the guidance, support, and service of Rhode Island based, Perform Better, for my fitness equipment needs.

Whether I'd been, at the time, a fitness studio owner, an in-home Personal Trainer, or if I needed equipment for my own workouts, Perform Better has always been the first equipment provider to which I've turned.

Click through here to learn more about Perform Better, and to view their online catalogue of fitness equipment.

Health & Fitness Professionals

Professional Certification

It is a disservice to those who would trust you with their health and fitness not to invest the time and effort in acquiring a professional certification.

Where there are hundreds, if not thousands, of Personal Training certifications available, they have not all been created equal.

Our 4 most highly recommended certifying organizations, for Personal Trainers, are as follows:

Continuing Education

Becoming a certified professional should be one of the initial steps in your journey. It is a testament to your dedication to your own education, your value for the profession, and to the level of care that you have for the well-being of your clients.

As research is ongoing, and theories are tested, proved, and applied, continued education is essential; for the profession, the maintenance of your certification, and for your own professional development. With that in mind, we've compiled some of our most highly recommended continuing education resources for health and fitness professionals. They aren't exactly running fitness tips, but if you look at your career as a marathon (versus being a sprint), they'll do more than fine!

The Complete Trainers Toolbox

the complete trainers toolbox

The Complete Trainers Toolbox - Practical Solutions to Common Problems

With a host of contributing authors, you'd be hard-pressed to find as comprehensive a resource for health professionals who seek guidance in perfecting their craft, in assessment, fitness program design, marketing, and mindset. And, that's not to mention the 1.7 NSCA-approved CEUs for the 17 contact hours you'll be experiencing.

Get ready for content provided by the following authors:

  • Dean Somerset
  • Alex Kraszewski
  • Luke Worthington
  • Sam Spinelli
  • and, Kellie Davis
  • Lisa Lewis
  • Sarah Duvall
  • Tony Gentilcore
  • Meghan Callaway

And, some of the topics you'll enjoy:

  • Programming 101: How to Design an Effective Workout
  • Understanding Flexion - & Extension - based Back Pain
  • Assessing for Excellence
  • Improving Overhead Mobility
  • The Ultimate Pull-Up Webinar
  • Dealing with Negative Thinking (Your Clients and Your Own!)
  • Core and Pelvic Floor Lifting Considerations
  • Writing Stellar Fitness Content
  • All Things Squats, Knees, and Hips
  • Finding Your Ideal Client

Click through here to learn more about and to order The Complete Trainers Toolbox.

BodyByBoyle Online | Strength and Conditioning Service

BodyByBoyle online

BodyByBoyle Online - Access to a wide range of Strength and Conditioning programs. From elite fat loss programs to the best strength and muscle gaining programs. All from Mike Boyle and the gym named #1 in America by Men's Health Magazine.

Here's some of what you'll find as a BodyByBoyle Online Insider:

  • Seminar Talks & Hands Ons
  • Training The Overhead Athlete
  • Joint by Joint Training Seminar
  • Hips and Sports Hernias
  • Success Secrets Seminar
  • Start With Why Seminar
  • In Depth Walkthrough of the FMS
  • Core Training DVD
  • The Case for Single Leg Training
  • Mass Premiere Soccer Open House Presentation
  • Speed Training In Services
  • Training the Obese Client Seminar
  • ACL Injury Prevention
  • Teaching the Olympic Lifts
  • Training the Baby Boomer

Click through here to learn more about and to order BodyByBoyle Online.

Watch For More Running Fitness Tips & Recommendations

We're happy to provide running fitness tips, as well as our "Best of" recommendations. Be on the lookout for more in the future.

If you'd like to check out our reader-submitted reviews on some of their favorite products, be sure to head on over to our marathon running gear review page!

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Available on Amazon (affiliate link).

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