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"20 Strength and Endurance-Building Rucking Workouts"

rucking workouts

Our popular, rucking workouts e-book will add some variety & fun to your training!

Interested in learning more about rucking?

Want some more variety in your training and ruck sack workouts?

Never tried a rucking workout, and looking for some direction?

We love the sport and activity of rucking, and we love sharing our insight and expertise.

Where so many of our site visitors are non-local, we realized we needed an additional way, other than in-person training, to help people, like you, to get involved.

Our Ruck Sack Workouts e-Course

With that in mind, we created our "20 Strength and Endurance-Building Rucking Workouts" e-book.

We also wanted a way for people to test out a few of the workouts prior to investing in our e-book, to make sure it would be a great fit.

4 Free Workouts For You

By registering for the email-based e-course just below you'll get 4 free workouts, one from each of the following categories.

  • Baseline / Progress Check Workouts - Determine your starting point, so that you can re-test later on to track success and improvement.

  • Energy System Development (ESD) Workouts - Heart-rate based training specific to various zones to improve your performance and cardiovascular function.

  • Strength Workouts - Everything has to be strong, not just your legs!

  • Hybrid Workouts - Fun, challenging, and functional. You're going to enjoy these!

How It Works

relaxationCould this be you, reading through our ruck sack workouts e-course?

When you register for the course in the form below, you'll receive an email confirmation (that way nobody enrolls you in the course without your knowledge).

Once you've confirmed your enrollment, you'll receive one workout per day, usually around 9am, directly to your email inbox.

Each email will bring you one of the featured workouts.

Our clients and site visitors have found it to be a simple and effective way to learn more about rucking and how they can add it to their more usual exercise programming.

There's No Fee

There no fee, or investment, necessary to enjoy the 4 workouts in this e-course.

And, there's no additional obligation to invest in our "20 Strength and Endurance-Building Rucking Workouts" e-book, though we'd love for you to buy the full e-book and enjoy all 20 workouts!

We use them in our own programming, and in our fitness program design for clients, and they're always a hit!

Let's Get Started

The form in which to enroll in our email-based e-course is just below.

Complete the form, look for your confirmation email, and these 4 workouts will soon be on their way to you!

Try (4 Rucking Workouts) Before You Buy!

Fill out the form below to receive 4 of the 20 workouts, in 1 email per day for 5 days, from our rucking workouts e-book! It's a fantastic way to "kick the rucking tires," and to get excited for the rest of the 20 workouts!

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