route 66 marathon | oklahoma marathon

route 66 marathonHistoric Route 66.

We've recently added the Route 66 Marathon to our list of preferred, destination races.

We'd even say that it qualifies for our own marathon bucket list.

To be fair, besides having done a grade school presentation on the State of Oklahoma, we'd not prioritized any vacation plans for an official visit.

Share your mountain or marathon running story here.

As we've learned more about this historic marathon race, we're finding good reason to adjust our plans and prioritization.

Rucking The Route 66 Marathon

As we'd learned more about this marathon, there was one element that really piqued our interest.

We'd heard that there was a category dedicated to rucking the Route 66 Marathon!

If you aren't familiar with the sport or activity, it is one of our favorite options for crosstraining.

You could describe it as moving with weight, though it is a lot more fun than that sounds.

We go into detail in the how to ruck section of our site, though if you're considering entering in this category, there are a few things to keep in mind.

Three Keys to Success in Rucking

  • Get a great rucksack - A traditional backpack might make it through the 26.2 mile distance, though you're far better off investing in a quality rucksack, one that will endure the long hours and miles of your training and racing. We love the GORUCK rucksacks, and are definitely wearing ours when we get down to Oklahoma!

  • Pick an appropriate weight - In most rucking circles, you'll hear 20 lbs. as being the suggested starting weight for rucking training. We'd agree that that is a reasonable weight for most. No need to feel pressured, though, as the minimum required for this race is 10 lbs.

  • Be safe out there - Rucking is a completely different challenge than running. Whether you're running or rucking, 26.2 miles is still a significant distance to cover. We love when people get outside of their comfort zones, but we also love when they are safe, secure, and logical about what might be too much. The organizers of this race, volunteers, and medical staff are there for you. Be thankful and communicative!

Back To The Running Information

One of the things that we love about this race is that there are so many options for entry.

Among those, you'll find:

  • 5k - A running or walking option, great for those wanting to be a part of the whole experience. This event is held the day prior to the longer distance options.

  • Half Marathon - Starting with the marathon running group, the half marathon course runs through the first 12 miles of that course, before veering off toward the half marathon finish.

  • Marathon - In teams of 3 to 5 participants, with an equivalent 3 to 5 legs of the marathon course, this unique options allows for fun experience, great for team-building.

  • Double - The double, in this case, refers to a runner's option to register for the 5k and the half marathon or for the 5k and the marathon. What a fun challenge!

  • World's Shortest Ultra - In the world's shortest ultra, you'll be challenge to an additional 0.3 miles, making your total race distance 26.5 miles! We say, "why not!?" We love ultramarathon running!

Is It a Boston Qualifier?

As is oft-asked of most marathon races, this one is no exception.

Yes, this is a USATF-certified course, and a Boston Marathon Qualifying Race.

For All The Detail And To Register


To get all of the details and to register, we recommend visiting the official site.

We're excited to visit Oklahoma, enjoy the hospitality of the community, and either run or ruck the historic Route 66!

We'll hope to see you there, running or rucking alongside of us!

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