road id | one of the best running gifts

The Road ID is one of the best running gifts that we've ever received.

Not sure what one is? Watch this video to see how important they are, and why you and the runners in your life should each have one:

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Road ID: Great Durability, Not Just for Runners

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Each customizable, identification band is of high quality, perfect for any outdoor adventurer, not just for runners.

We've taken ours through running races, triathlons, obstacle course races, snowshoeing, and multi-day races. It has lasted for years. We haven't even had to replace the band, let alone the customizable plate.

Types of IDs

With options for nylon loops, silicone clasps, and pin-tuck bracelets, you're able to choose the style and comfort you desire.

Available on Amazon (affiliate link).

Here are a Few of the Many Options:

  • Wrist ID
  • Pet ID (yes, IDs for your 4-legged friends!)
  • Sidekick ID
  • Accessories
  • Kids ID
  • Apple ID
  • Fixx ID
  • Gift Cards

What Do I Write On My Running Bracelet?

You can write almost anything you want, but most will want to include something similar to the following:

  • Name: (Your First and Last)
  • Address: (Your Street Address)
  • Emergency Contact 1: (Phone Number and Name or Relationship)
  • Emergency Contact 2: (Phone Number and Name or Relationship)
  • Medical Allergies or Conditions: (Any Information that 1st Responders Should Know)
  • Running Quotes: (Your Fave Running Quote, Motto, or Mantra)

A Variety of Options:

Available on Amazon (affiliate link).

Running Equipment

barkley fall classicMy Road ID accompanied me to (and through) the Barkley Fall Classic.

There are certain pieces of running equipment that we couldn't imagine leaving the house without.

For one, we'd be lost (figuratively) without our running shoes. Our barefoot running friends may think differently about that.

When we run at night, we're never without our reflective running vest and a headlamp.

And, if we're rucking, we're never without our GR1, what we consider the best rucksack for the activity.

Our Road ID is just one more piece to the running equipment puzzle, and we consider it an absolute necessity.

Hopefully, we'll never need it in an emergency.

Though, if one ever occurs, we'll be that much more confident that those responding will be that much better able to help because of this additional level of preparation and security.

Get One For Yourself Or A Friend

tell your story

We'd highly encourage your investment in a Road ID for yourself, or for a friend.

It is a thoughtful way to show how much you care.

Is There Running Gear that You Won't Run Without?

We all have our favorite running gear for training and racing?

Tell us about your favorite running gear here.

We're looking forward to reading all about your faves!

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