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providence marathon medalThe Providence Marathon Medal 2015.

The Providence Marathon was our first official marathon.

It was a great introduction to the distance, and to the city.

Despite living in Boston, our visits to the city of Providence had been few and far between.

We're so glad we made the trip!

Share your mountain or marathon running story here.

Having now explored parts of the city by foot, we're excited to head back, and to take our time really learning about and enjoying all of Rhode Island's capital city.

About the Race...

Beginning in Downtown Providence, the marathon course provides a nice tour of the mixture of some of the historic areas of the city, as well as trips through some of the more, rural neighborhoods.

One of our favorite parts of the course was in following the East Bay bike path for a number of miles. It is where we were able to enjoy some periods of alternating shade, even though temperatures that day, in early Spring, were reasonable.

There are also some great views of the Providence River and the skyline of the city.

providence rhode islandThe race isn't at night, so you'll have to use your imagination. Haha!

Everyone Always Wants To Know...

Yes, the race is considered to be USATF-certified and is a Boston Marathon qualifying race.

Not fully trained for the marathon distance yet?

The race organizers also offer:

  • a Half Marathon race

  • a 5k race

  • and, a Kids race

Stuff For Spectators...

Though not every race has the constant spectator and cheerleader presence that the Boston Marathon enjoys, the people of Providence, and all of the visiting spectators, were incredible supportive.

If you're going to be there, in future editions of the race, some of the more popular places to set up shop, and to see the runners in the marathon distance, are:

  • India Point Park (Providence)

  • Veteran's Memorial Blvd. (East Providence)

  • Rhode Island Country Club (Barrington)

We'll Be Back...

running the providence marathonRunning the Providence Marathon!

We had a great time running the Providence Marathon.

That was right up until mile 18, haha.

With that being our first ever marathon experience, we've learned and applied a lot to our running workouts, and to our marathon training preparation.

With Providence being so close, and with the race being in early Spring (beautiful in New England), we'll definitely make a return trip.

It is interesting to look back on this race, and others, as in the picture, we're noticing a few things.

Our race kit that day included our:

  • Saucony Kinvara running shoes

  • Zensah calf sleeves

  • Xracewear running shorts

  • and, maybe a Nike running watch (tough to tell from here!)

Have You Run the Providence Marathon?

If you've run the Providence Marathon, or have great stories about running in Providence, we'd love to hear all about your experience.

Write your own review on our marathon running page. We can't wait to read your article contribution, and to share it with our website visitors!

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