Plantar Fasciitis from Running

by Lace
(San Francisco, CA, USA)

Plantar Fasciitis from Running

Plantar Fasciitis from Running

How To Treat Plantar Fasciitis from Running?

Question: Hi, I'm wondering how to treat plantar fasciitis from running? I've been a runner for awhile, mostly 5k races, and have started training to do my first marathon. Since I've increased my mileage, my feet have been hurting more, and I think it is plantar fasciitis.

Editor's Comments Regarding How to Treat Plantar Fasciitis from Running

Hi, Lace! Thanks so much for visiting our site, and for your question on plantar fasciitis. And, congrats on starting to get prepared for your first marathon! That's awesome. :)

You probably know that our first advice, if you haven't gone this route already, is going to be to visit your primary care physician, or qualified medical professional, so that they can assess everything appropriately.

The danger in not doing so is that the running injury may not be plantar fasciitis, and may not have been caused by running, but is being exacerbated by it. There are so many other things that it could be (e.g., stress fracture, infection, etc.), so in order to treat anything effectively, you have to know what it is, with certainty.

What is Plantar Fasciitis, By the Way?

The "itis" part refers to inflammation, and the "plantar fascia" part refers to the fascia, the connective tissue, running along the bottom of your foot.

One of the difficulties in treatment is that when this area become inflamed, it is unusual that we give it the rest it needs, partly because we are constantly on our feet. Runners may think that they are resting the area by not running, but by standing and walking, or participating in other weight-bearing exercises, the area really is not getting the rest it needs.

Also, we've often seen runners who neglect the preparatory and "pre-hab" portions of what would be a comprehensive, running program, when they focus solely on the running part, and little else.

Ideas for Treatment of Plantar Fasciitis

If, or once, you've determined officially that it is plantar fasciitis, there are several things that one might consider adding to your initial treatment or daily routine. They've worked well for us, and for our clients, and may be helpful to you, as well.

  • Visit a Physical Therapist - If you're able to, and your doctor does recommend it, schedule time with a Physical Therapist. They'll be able to assess the specifics of your situation, devise a program of treatments, and pass along knowledge for what may be effective for you following your time with them, and even once the pain subsides.

  • Foam Rolling - More often than not, we've found foam rolling, or rolling with other objects, to be useful to ourselves and to our clients. Five to ten minutes of daily focus on rolling the soles of the feet, as well as the calves, with either a roller, tennis ball, lacrosse ball, or golf ball, has often helped in minimizing or eliminating pain that clients have felt at times. If you're stuck in an office, or cubicle, for a large amount of time during the day, it may be useful to keep a ball at your desk so that you can use it there.

    Need a foam roller? Grab one, or several, here through Perform Better.

  • Yoga-like Practice - If you're a fan of yoga, and have a routine practice, that's great. For those who don't yet, it may be useful to start your days with a yoga-like practice. This could be especially useful where the focus is on flexibility through the muscles of the foot and calf, as well as on mobility of the ankle. Of course, there are benefits for the rest of the body, but where we're thinking of how to treat plantar fasciitis from running, these may be the better areas of focus, initially.-

  • Consistency in Treatment

    The list of possible treatments for plantar fasciitis is long, and these three are just the tip of the iceberg. Be sure to consult with an appropriate medical professional first. Once you have, and a plan has been outlined, the best thing you can do is to remain consistent in the exercises and activities recommended, so that if they've helped to treat the cause of pain, they may also help to prevent it's return.

    Runners and readers: have you experienced plantar fasciitis from running before? What was it like, and what worked well for you in addressing it? Have a lot to write? Consider writing your own, full article using the links below.

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Sep 30, 2019
by: Laura

Hi, Lace! I've felt your pain before, too.

I've always considered myself a runner, and not being able to run as much as I wanted to because of plantarfasciitis was the worst.

Part of what helped me was in getting newer pairs of sneakers more often. When I first experienced the pain, I'd been wearing the same sneakers for far too long, and they were changing the way I ran.

Switching sneakers more often has definitely helped me!

Good luck!

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