No training

by Greg audet
(Concord nh)

So i just did my first ultra it was 8 hours on a small loop around two baseball fields. It was certified at 0.35555555555555 haha.

So I bullied my friend into Loon and promised him an ultra. So I picked this one with aid station every lap and bathrooms.

I knew in I was undertrained but that has never stoped me. I'm what you call nuts by most runners standards.

I went in with a few goals. 75 laps as my absolute worse goal 74 was then marathon. My real goals was 80 or 88. My wife's favorite number is 8 and we were making this part of our anniversary weekend 8-8-16.

So I started out way to fast for my lack of training so I picked up wally the watermelon that if you do a lap rd donated a dollar to the charity of the race so it helped me to slow down. It kinda worked.

At 5 hours the the legs started to cramp so i just lied down knowing my goals and where I was in the race. Lied down for 15 minutes got up and kept going hitting the marathon at 6 hours.

Then kept running... after lap 79 mad a small costume changed and kept going lap 86 picked wally up one more time and walked with my wife and kid and my friend that did it too. Finished lap 88 so excited I hit my goal. Kept going and finished with 93 laps!

So then yesterday i went through strava and realized how under trained I was. Not a single double digit day since the end of may. And nothing longer than 13.1 this year.

So i dont recommend my training but it worked for me. Im not even injured did a 5k last night sub 30 minutes.

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Aug 13, 2019
Awesome work!
by: The Team


Congrats on your first ultra, and on your anniversary weekend, as well! That's all awesome!

Love the Wally the Watermelon story. I'd never heard of that before, but what a great way to help the runners, and to help a charity at the same time!

This definitely sounds like an ultra that we should add to our running calendar!

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