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mindset resetA mindset reset may be in order!

A mindset reset may be in order when you're learning how to start running.

It may even be helpful if you are an experienced runner who has reached a plateau in progress toward your goals.

That can be true whether your goals are performance-based, consistency-based, or are aesthetically-based.

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No matter your goals or level of running experience, learning more about the running mind can be valuable to continued success.

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Mindset Reset: Growth Mindset vs Fixed Mindset

positive mindset quotesBe positive! :-)

We've written before about mindset definition, and about growth mindset vs fixed mindset.

Whether you identify yourself as exhibiting habits of one or the other, a mindset reset can allow you to begin, or continue, trending positive toward the preferred growth mindset.

Taking a Deep Breath

A mindset reset is a bit like taking a deep breath, and allowing oneself to have an open mind to the possibility of change or improvement.

It isn't always easy to do, especially if you've encountered failures or disappointment along your journey.

Building Trust

"Why would anything be different this time around?" is a usual, non-verbalized concern that we've experienced with many clients and athletes whose previous experiences with coaching led to disappointments in not having achieved measurable or desired progress.

When that is the case, trust must be built in order for growth to occur.

trust yourselfSelf-love and/or self-confidence is hugely important to growth!

That trust must be seen within several relationships.

It has to occur in the professional relationship between a client or athlete and the coach.

As importantly, if not more so, that trust must be between the client or athlete and him or herself.

If it does not exist there, the communications between the client or athlete and coach, and any progress to be seen, will be restricted.

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Celebrate Small Victories

Though the long-term goal may be most-pressing, achievement of short-term goals must be celebrated.

It is okay to be proud of yourself, even if the achievement seems insignificant when compared to the larger or longer-term goal.

This is especially true for those who are "coaching" themselves, and don't always have the presence of a coach, team, or running buddies who will give that daily "high-five" for attitude, effort, and progress.

Seeking Daily Motivation and Inspiration

Some might argue that motivation has to come from within.

We'd agree that those with high levels of self-motivation are apt to see consistent progress, especially when coupled with positive attitude and strong effort.

However, those who seek external motivation and inspiration, and are able to use that which they've found to help in their push toward training or competition, are also able to realize great success.

positive mindsetHaving positive mindset takes daily commitment.

They may only call upon those inspirations in specific moments, yet they are there in the memory banks when needed.

"It is better to have it and not need it than to need it and not have it." - George Ellis

Belief In The Process

We're often reminded of many Olympians, who may only set foot on the world stage once in every four years.

Their road is a long one, and it would be naive to believe that every day of training is going to be a great one.

Even when they get to the day of competition, and when expectations, their own and those of a global audience, are weighing heaviest, the hours and years of training may not be met with the desired result.

Not everyone will stand on that podium.

To even have the opportunity to do so requires a belief in the process; and that the little things are the big things.

How To Practice Mindset Reset

The best way to practice a mindset reset is through daily commitment.

daily practiceDaily practice (physical and mental) is key to success!

Rather than to look at it as an idea, it is important to look at it as a habit.

Those we've found to be most successful are the ones who make it part of their daily routine.

Usually, it helps them to start the day.

They'll keep it on their calendar, blocking off anything from just a minute to a full hour's worth, or more, of mental focus.

For some, this may just be a reminder to keep an open mind.

For others, it is time invested in seeking mindset quotes, tips on running preparation, or watching videos where they're able to learn more about the mindset of athletes (a favorite featuring discussion between USWNT teammates Adrianna Franch and Emily Sonnett can be found on our running mind page).

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Share Your Strategies

tell your story

We'd love to hear about the strategies that have helped you when it comes to mindset.

We're excited to read your thoughts!

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