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pikes peak marathonFinishing the Pikes Peak Marathon in 2016!

We started this marathon running website to celebrate the joys of the marathon.

In reality, we are fans of all sorts of distances, events, and challenges.

Sometimes that means things other than running, such as triathlon, rucking, biking, and even snowshoeing.

We don't exist to debate whether roads, trails, mountains, the track, or ultras reign supreme.

Write a page about your favorite marathon or dream race here.

We're here to celebrate each, and to share information for all levels of runners, so that the enjoyment of this activity and sport can truly last a lifetime.

Where we are community-driven, be sure to include your story, comments, questions, running goals, dream races, etc. on our running log page, which acts as our community board!

On this page, we'll introduce you to some of the different types of running to be enjoyed.

You'll also find links to articles with some of the best running tips for various types of events, and for your level of running experience and/or ability.

Sit back and enjoy!

We Each Have Running Records!

running trophies

I've always enjoyed sport, not just the sport of running.

I'm fascinated by the levels of discipline, determination, focus, and consistency required to be a champion, and to stand atop the podium, and to achieve various running records.

Having graduated with my degree in Physical Education and Exercise Science, and being an NSCA-CSCS (Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist) and TSAC-F (Tactical Strength and Conditioning Facilitator), I'm a student and practitioner of the fitness program design required for feats of athletic performance.

And, though I love working with athletes with extraordinary talent and even greater work ethic, the most inspirational and motivational moments rarely occur at the head of the pack.

Those Out There The Longest Are Often Working The Hardest

spartan raceEnjoying a Spartan Race somewhere. Looks just as fun and relaxing as a day at the beach, haha!

There was a period of time when I would travel the Country nearly every weekend for Spartan Race events, running multiple days and multiple laps.

There were 100s of others who were "as crazy," and traveling as much.

We had a blast challenging ourselves, seeing new places, and developing some fantastic friendships. Community really does make such an amazing difference in happiness.

As I'd mentioned, though the athletic feats of the podium-level competitors are, and were, a sight to behold, the memories that have stuck with me are of the grit of participants in the many other areas of the race.

I can remember having spent a weekend with friends at one such race, and being in the festival area as the weekend was winding down.

An announcement came over the loudspeaker, as the MC that day called us all to attention that the final group of Spartan athletes were within their last mile of the course, and would be crossing the finish line soon.

Without hesitation, every member of the Spartan Race staff, the volunteers, participants, and spectators all gathered to cheer on these athletes whose journey on the course had not likely been an easy one. I'm sure that the volume of the cheering as they navigated the final obstacle, cleared the fire jump, and ran through the finish line rivaled the volume achieved when the professional athletes had completed the course earlier that morning.

That's the kind of moment and energy that I return to when the tough moments in training and in life present themselves.

What About Running vs Walking?

Point Reyes hikingWalking/Hiking Point Reyes, California!

Just as there exist different levels of ability, different goals, and different strategies on race day, so are there the same on our training days.

We often hear the question about which is better; running vs walking.

As you'll often hear in the fitness industry; it depends (upon a great many factors).

If you're out there for recreation alone, we say, "do what makes you happiest!"

However, if you have goals that are more geared toward weight loss or sports performance, you may need to become more precise in how you utilize each in your training.

This could include the introduction of heart rate zone training, interval training, as well as a better understanding of cross-training, and especially rest and recovery days.

I Love My Shorter Distances!

track workoutOn Your Marks, Get Set, Go!!!

Though we believe that completing a marathon running race can be completed by nearly everyone willing to commit their minds and bodies to that same belief and training, there is still great love for all sorts of other distances.

Whether it be a track and field day, 5k running, or 10k running, it is all enjoyable.

Did you know that there are varying training strategies for each of these, as well?

Sometimes, those shorter distances hurt even more (in the moment) than the longer distance races, as you're normally moving that much faster!

I used to love the track, and still do, partly because I could see the start and finish lines at the same time. Now, I love having the harmony of track days, road running days, as well as days on the trails or in the mountains.

Speaking of Mountain Running

I'm so glad that I was introduced to, and had the courage to try, mountain running (whether that was marathon running or other distances).

It has been life-altering to spend time with people (or sometimes completely alone for hours on end), and on mountains during events with:

  • The Endurance Society of Vermont

  • Acidotic Racing and the just over 10k distance of The Loon Mountain Race in New Hampshire

  • "America's Mountain" in the Pikes Peak Marathon in Manitou Springs, Colorado

  • Laz and friends "out there" in the Barkley Fall Classic, in Frozen Head State Park in Tennessee

  • and, more!

There are so many more trails and summits to be explored. The views, the people, and the beauty of nature make each an incredible experience.

Whenever you try mountain running, or even mountain marathon running, be sure that you have the right gear, including the best running shoes, for the adventure!

View of Pikes PeakI have to run all the way up there...and back!?! :)
Barkley Fall ClassicCouldn't help but smile, no matter what Laz and The Barkley Fall Classic were throwing at me!

Marathon Running Tips & More

running coaching

We are excited for you to continue to develop in your marathon running, or running of other distances, and to challenge yourself even more.

And, we're proud to offer some of the best running tips to help you in enjoying your sport and/or activity even more.

Whether that means learning to improve running speed, "graduating" to marathon running from a shorter distance, avoiding and preventing injury, or anything else, we're glad to be a part of your journey.

We're especially proud of our 10 Practical Tips for Running, with content submitted by so many of our friends in the running community!

Be sure to share this page and site with your friends, and don't forget to subscribe to our "Running Club Reader" e-newsletter below! 

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Do You Have a Favorite Marathon, Race, Event, Mountain, or Trail? Do You Have a Dream Race?

We would love to hear about your favorite marathons, the most awesome trails and mountains you've been on, what your dream race might be, and more.

Tell us here!

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