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how to start runningThe path ahead may look daunting at first, but it doesn't have to be!

Wondering how to start running?

You're not alone.

Whenever we hear someone ask about getting started with running, we're reminded of this quote:

"The journey of a thousand miles begins with one step." - Lao Tzu

Share your story about getting started with running here.

Whether you're thinking of running for recreation or for competition, or if you're considering shorter distances or ultramarathon running, we're excited to share some insight and great, running tips!

How To Start Running For Beginners

Most new runners want to enjoy the activity. They may even be wondering, "what is a marathon?"

With that, they don't envision the journey as being just a short-term hobby.

running for beginners

To stick with it long-term, there are a variety of ingredients necessary.

From clothing to mindset, running shoes to running workouts, when it comes to running for beginners, these are all important.

Treadmill Running Tips

We've also found that many beginning runners tend to favor either running outdoors or running on a treadmill, whether at home or at the gym.

For the latter group, you may want to read our article on treadmill running tips, helping to prepare you for running success.

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More Pieces to the Running Puzzle

A beginner running program should be comprehensive in nature. That is to say that running should not be the only element included.

  • Flexibility and mobility - running stretches are a significant piece to the running puzzle. Learn some of our favorite stretches for runners.

  • Strength training - a well-designed strength training program complements your running workouts. Improved muscular development will make you a more durable runner.

  • Rest and recovery - you can't perform at the highest intensities daily, and expect your body to keep up. Providing your body with the rest and recovery it needs should be a priority in your overall programming.

These are all key to your ability to keep calling yourself a runner for years to come.

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Tips For Running

There are many tips for running for beginners and for experienced runners. One of our favorites is just to "take your chance."

beginner running

So many of us suffer from paralysis through analysis.

We never act on those things that we really want to do, achieve, or experience.

As we were just getting started with our running adventures, we let many race registration opportunities pass us by.

Mostly that was because we didn't want to head in solo, and other friends weren't as enthusiastic about new life adventures.

Don't Let Opportunity Pass You By Twice!

So, when those same races were open for registration in the next year, we signed up right away, without regard for who would, or wouldn't, go with us.

We didn't want to live, or die, with the regret of not having done the things we most wanted to experience.

How To Buy Running Shoes

Most new runners haven't experienced the joys of having those new running shoes that fit just right.

And, not only do they fit perfectly, they perform incredibly on the roads, trails, or in the mountains.

When you're learning how to start running, choosing the best running shoes for your unique feet, running posture, and running gait, can make a significant difference in your level of enjoyment while running, and even in your running performance.

After much trial and error, and especially after a professional assessment, we've found some favorites for each type of running that we do.

We're excited for you to find your favorites, and to hear all about how you came to your decisions on what to wear and when.

Other Marathon Clothing Considerations

Though there are some races where the only item you might be wearing are your sneakers (yes, these races exist!), most of us have other running gear considerations.

Whether marathon clothing, or clothing for other distances, there are lots of elements that will contribute to your decisions on what to wear.

Questions On How to Start Running?

We love hearing questions from our running site visitors! Ask your running questions here!

Mindset Change

When we think of how to start running, for many new runners, a mindset change, and sometimes a mindset reset, is of prime importance.

positive mindset

Having a strong belief that you will succeed is an important factor in creating consistency.

When we talk about consistency, we're referring to showing up for training runs as scheduled, and not skipping out on workouts.

That isn't to say that you don't already have great faith in yourself, in your running mind, or in your abilities.

However, much like running, keeping a positive mindset can take practice. Once you've become a master of Jedi mind tricks for running, you'll be near unstoppable!

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Marathon Training Schedule For Beginners

"If you don't know where you're going, you might wind up someplace else." - Yogi Berra

As fitness professionals, we're reminded of this quote often as it relates to a programming concept.

That concept is that random programming yields random results.

And, when results and your goals matter, who wants to chance reaching them?

You want some assurance!

Sure, just getting out and running without having to think to much about it can feel good.

However, when you have specific goals, random distances, terrains, paces, and heart rate intensities aren't going to add up to what you might envision for yourself.

It's much better to have a solid plan, and to stick to it.

Having a marathon training plan for beginners, or a plan for any distance you'd like to tackle, is key to the probability of your success and enjoyment!

How To Start Running & Other Running Sports

While we love running, there are several crosstraining activities that allow us to keep running happily.

rucking workouts

Involving yourself in sports and activities that require movement through different ranges of motions, and through different planes of movement, can help to keep our bodies healthy.

Biking workouts, rucking workouts, triathlon races, obstacle course races, and even snowshoeing have helped to keep us sharp, both mentally and physically.

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Tell Us All About The Start Of Your Running Journey!

Whether you've been running for ages, or if you're just getting started, we'd love to hear your story!

Tell us all about your journey, your race resume, what motivates and inspires you, what you've found to be your strengths, what areas you most want to improve upon, and what your goals are.

Have some great running advice, or any running questions? Feel free to share those here, too!

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