Hoka One One Infinite Road Running Shoes

by Tom
(Lebanon, NH, USA)

Hoka One One Infinite

Hoka One One Infinite

Hoka One One Infinite Road Running Shoes

After years of wearing Saucony running shoes, and with having seen lots of runners wearing Hoka brand sneakers, I made the switch (at least temporarily).

With REI being a favorite place to shop for almost all of my running gear, when I have to go try stuff on, and because of their dividend program, a trip there was a good opportunity to test out the fit.

I tried on several pairs of Hoka shoes, and a few other brands, and finally found one pair that felt good in store.

We also felt about half a foot taller, but that's a different story.

The "running on marshmallows" description that I'd been hearing definitely fit, but my walking and jogging (I was still in the store) gaits didn't feel as though they'd been negatively impacted at all. It still felt like I was landing, and pushing off, normally. That was pretty important to me, because I didn't want my running form to suffer because something was ill-fitting. (Does anyone remember the curved-bottom sneakers that were supposed to be so good for you, but they ended up changing the way people moved, in a bad way, resulting in lots of injuries, aches, and pains for a bunch of people?).

For as many years as I wore Saucony running shoes (I still love their Kinvara model), the Hoka One One Infinite quickly became the first pair of sneakers I'd reach for before going out for a run.

They've remained durable, and though they never had the aggressive tread of some other running shoes, I never felt as though they were lacking in grip. I ended up using them for rucking, road running, and for track workouts. And, they stood up to each test really well.

For some people, the additional cushion may feel odd at first, partly because you may feel unsure of your landing. I believe that can be true of any new running shoe, especially when you're changing brands. After a few days, I was completely used to them, and was able to focus on getting in good workouts with them.

As far as this specific model goes, I don't have any complaints or concerns. They've held up well and done their job. As I'm nearing the mileage in which I should probably put them to rest, it is time to choose my next pair. Unfortunately, they don't make the Infinite model any more, so I'll have to give another model a shot.

I've heard great things about the Hoka One One Clifton 5 Running Shoe #CommissionsEarned, so those may be joining me on several future runs soon!

Runners and readers: Have you worn the Hoka One One Infinite Road Running Shoes? Or, do you have another fave model of Hoka sneakers? Love them or hate them, let us know in the comments, or by writing your own, full page!

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Sep 14, 2019
Huge Fans!
by: The Marathon-Running.com Team


Thanks for your submission and shoe review!

We're huge fans of Hoka One One, and are considering our next pair, too (though probably for trail running!).

Keep us posted on your selection, and be sure to write another review when you've got a few miles on them!

Thanks again & Happy Running!
- The Marathon Running Team

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