Great Rucking Workouts

by Geoff
(Hartford, CT, USA)

These Were Great Rucking Workouts for Anyone

"20 Strength and Endurance-Building Rucking Workouts"

rucking workouts

Our popular, rucking workouts e-book will add some variety & fun to your training!

Hi, I just finished the free rucking e-course and thought these were great rucking workouts for anyone interested in learning more about rucking.

I've been rucking for a few years now, but mostly just sticking to the basics, doing solo rucks and rucking with friends every so often.

I haven't been able to run as much or as effectively as I used to after having knee surgery a few years ago, so rucking has been a good way to stay challenged and to keep up my strength and cardio.

Out of the four workouts included, I liked the Hybrid one the most since it saved me a trip to the gym, and I was able to get my rucking for cardio and my strength work done all in one workout. Plus, it is just nice to be outside this time of year rather than being stuck inside all of the time.

I just purchased the full rucking workouts e-book, and am looking forward to adding in all of the other workouts.

Thanks for putting this all together!

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Oct 19, 2019
Thanks so much!
by: The Team


Thanks so much for taking our free rucking workout e-course! You're one of the first to complete it, and the first to comment. We appreciate that, and you.

And, thanks for investing in the full e-book. We're excited to hear what you think about the other workouts from each section.

Please do keep us posted!

Happy rucking to you!

- The Team

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