Fat Bike Riding

by Boh
(Framingham, MA, USA)

Fat Bike Riding

Fat Bike Riding

Fat Bike Riding | The Charge Cooker Maxi Fat Bike

Getting started with fat bike riding was one of my favorite new adventures of the last few years.

I actually bought a fat bike specifically for a race, The Gravel Grinder, with The Endurance Society of Vermont.

That race was to be a 40-mile ride, with 4,000' of elevation gain, on the ski resort mountain known as Killington.

I'm pretty sure that the race itself was my very first time riding that bike for more than 5 minutes.

It Was a Blast!

The race course actually started with a few miles on the road before we veered off onto the trails of the mountain.

Where I may have been one of only two or three people who were fat bike riding that day, and where everyone else was on much faster (and lighter) mountain bikes, I knew I had my work cut out for me.

I ended up just hanging with two friends, as we enjoyed the mountain, the day, and the new adventure (mountain bike riding was fairly new to at least two of us).

7 hours later, I crossed the finish line, and it was still sunny out!

I don't remember being sore, not even from pushing the heavy fat bike up some of the steeper climbs that we saw on the mountain.

What Kind of Fat Bike Was It?

The fat bike itself was one that I got from REI (thanks dividend rewards), and was called The Charge Cooker Maxi Bike, the 2014 model.

They don't make that specific one anymore, as far as I know, though if you're in the market for an entry level fat bike, the Diamond Back El Oso #CommissionsEarned is one I've heard awesome things about.

When's My Next Fat Bike Race?

Ha, looking back on that race, I went in totally unprepared (as far as mountain biking shape is concerned), and still had an amazing time. I'll probably be convinced to join in on the same race again in the near future, though I'd also like to test out the fat bike in some Winter training and racing. And, I wouldn't be opposed to doing the same Gravel Grinder race on a more traditional bike, too!

Runners, riders, and readers: Have you been fat bike riding? What's your favorite bike? Favorite trail or mountain? Any tips on what to look for when purchasing a bike, or how to improve riding? Let us know in the comments, or (if you've got lots to say) by creating your own page!

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Oct 19, 2019
Love my fat bike!
by: Trish

I have road, mountain, and fat bikes, and love them all! The fat bike is so good for Winter riding, as long as you have the right clothes, too!

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