David Bohmiller

by David Bohmiller
(Framingham, MA, USA)

David Bohmiller at the finish of The Beast of Burden Winter 50 Mile Ultramarathon

David Bohmiller at the finish of The Beast of Burden Winter 50 Mile Ultramarathon

Running Profile: David Bohmiller

My name is:

David Bohmiller

I'm from (Town, City, State, Country):

Framingham, MA, USA (about 20-ish miles from Boston)

Here's How I Started Running:

A bunch of the sports that I grew up playing involved some level of running. However, I didn't get into running events until after college, starting out with 5k running, 10k races, and then "graduating" to obstacle races, ultramarathons, marathons, triathlons, and more!

My Favorite Place to Run is:

I love being in the mountains, and Pikes Peak in Colorado is definitely one of my faves. Since I'm not able to get there often, some of the faves closer to home would be Goshen, VT (usual home to Infinitus hosted by The Endurance Society), and Callahan State Park, my fave training spot, minutes from my front door.

The Most Memorable Race I've Run was:

It is so tough to choose just one. I might say that I have three most memorable:

  • The Boston Marathon - Growing up, we used to go watch the runners near my Dad's office in Wellesley, MA. I never knew how involved and important the spectators were until running the Boston Marathon in 2016.

  • The Pikes Peak Marathon - I ran Pikes Peak in 2016, as well. It was my first time at any measurable elevation, and it was incredible! I can't wait to go back!

  • The Endurance Society's Infinitus - For the community of people, and the challenge of the course, I keep returning to this time-based and distance-based, two-loop (7 miles and 20 miles) event. It's very special to me, and to many other racers, as well.

The Best Race Swag I Ever Got was:

Here's another tough one! The best running club swag (for being a member) is The Endurance Society. Their apparel probably makes up 1/4 of my entire wardrobe (haha!). The best actual race swag that I've ever gotten would be the finisher jackets from both The Pikes Peak Marathon and from The Boston Marathon. They're reminders of the hard work that I put in in training and racing.

My Dream Race is:

I've got several on my mind. I'd love to head out to California for The Big Sur Marathon. For something shorter, Mount Marathon in Seward, Alaska would be very cool to enter someday. And, from a triathlon perspective, I'd love to enter the Norseman Xtreme Triathlon.

The Best Running Advice I Ever Received was:

Run Your Own Race. It probably sounds cliche as running advice, but it is a great reminder that you can't control what anyone else is doing during their race (or what their training included leading up to that race or event). All you can control is your own effort and attitude. Actually following the advice has led to a lot more enjoyment of the process and the outcome!

My Favorite Sneakers are:

For road running, I'm really enjoying Hoka One One (I'm not even sure of which model I'm wearing right now). And, for trails and mountains, I tend to switch between Merrell and Salomon.

My Favorite Type of Running Workout is:

I love track workouts. I know a lot of people who can't stand the "cubicle-like" environment of the track, but to me it is peaceful (maybe a bit repetitive), but peaceful nonetheless.

My Favorite Type of Crosstraining is:

Being a health and fitness professional, and having spent many years as a Personal Trainer, I love lifting. Knowing that a smartly programmed, and well-executed, resistance training program makes me faster, more durable, and provides greater endurance for any of the events that I might enter, makes it great incentive to remain consistent with the weights! Outside of that, I love putting some distance on the bike!

The Advice I'd Give if Someone Asked me How to Start Running is:

Break a sweat each day. That can be with running, biking, or any activity. Consistency will make achieving any goal that much easier. In addition to that, I often remind clients not to compare themselves to others too often. We might only be seeing the existing result of years of dedicated training, without knowledge of their hurdles, injuries, failures (remember, failure isn't final, it is just a very important step on the path to success), and all the setbacks that brought them to this point.

My Favorite Running Club is:

I'm a big fan of our Strava Running Club, but as far as in-person (though I don't get to see them that often), I'd say that The Endurance Society is def my fave community.

Things That Are Important to me that I Haven't Mentioned Yet:

I'm really happy to share all of the information on this site with each of you. I hope that you find it to be of value, and that you're sharing it with your friends! Additionally, I'd say that running for charity has been one of the most positive experiences that I can imagine.

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