boston marathon qualifying times

boston marathon qualifying times

Want to learn the updated Boston Marathon qualifying times?

There have been some changes, so as of this writing (September 2019), you're in the right place to learn about those updates.

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For those who include running the Boston Marathon on their marathon bucket list, there are a few ways in which to enter the race.

Running for Charity

Where thousands of runners participate each year, many do so by way of charity entry.

In this option, runners have pledged to raise a certain amount of funds for the charity they are to be representing, in exchange for entry into the race.

We are huge fans of running for charity, and couldn't imagine running a race without a charity component, whether there were qualifying standards or not.

In races where there is no charity component, we've often taken it upon ourselves to find a supporting cause or organization to represent.

Boston Marathon Qualifying Times

The next option for entry into the Boston Marathon rests in one's ability to meet the qualifying standards.

Determined both by gender and by age group classification, many runners spend years training, and running races that are considered to be Boston Qualifiers (BQ), as certified by USA Track and Field's Association for International Marathons and Distance Races.

of important note:

Not all those who achieve the qualifying standard will receive automatic entry into the race, rather, they will be entered into a lottery of qualifiers for a chance at participation.

boston marathon 2020

If running the Boston Marathon 2020 had been your goal, you must have achieved a chip-time qualifying standard, in a certified race, where the date of that race could be no earlier than 9/15/2018.

Where there is a maximum capacity of runners that the Boston Marathon can host, and if the lottery of qualifying runners exceeds this, the faster qualifiers do receive priority in acceptance.

Space does fill up quickly, so whether you plan to run having achieved a BQ, or by way of charity entry, you'll have to be quick in your application speed, too, not just your physical running speed.

Here Are The Qualifying Standards

Boston Marathon Qualifying Times (2020)

Age Group:

Mens Division:

Womens Division:

18 - 34 years

03:00:00 h/m/s

03:30:00 h/m/s

35 - 39 years

03:05:00 h/m/s

03:35:00 h/m/s

40 - 44 years

03:10:00 h/m/s

03:40:00 h/m/s

45 - 49 years

03:20:00 h/m/s

03:50:00 h/m/s

50 - 54 years

03:25:00 h/m/s

03:55:00 h/m/s

55 - 59 years

03:35:00 h/m/s

04:05:00 h/m/s

60 - 64 years

03:50:00 h/m/s

04:20:00 h/m/s

65 - 69 years

04:05:00 h/m/s

04:35:00 h/m/s

70 - 74 years

04:20:00 h/m/s

04:50:00 h/m/s

75 - 79 years

04:35:00 h/m/s

05:05:00 h/m/s

80+ years

04:50:00 h/m/s

05:20:00 h/m/s

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Stick To Your Training

Whether you consider these qualifying standards to be easy or not may depend on many variables.

One thing is certain, however. No matter your current level of fitness, it is hugely important to stick to your running workouts, and to remain consistent in attention to a comprehensive program.

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