Best Winter Running Gear

by Erin
(Providence, RI, USA)

Best Winter Running Gear

Best Winter Running Gear

What Is The Best Winter Running Gear?

Question: Hi, I'm looking for advice on the best Winter running gear. I'm mostly an outdoor runner in 3 seasons of the year, then I'm stuck on the treadmill for the Winter, while all my friends are out skiing and snowboarding (I never learned how to do either) and running Winter trails. I don't want to this Winter to be the same, but I also don't want to freeze. What stuff do I need to enjoy this?

Editor's Comments Regarding The Best Winter Running Gear

Answer: Hi, Erin! Thanks so much for visiting our site, and for your question. It sounds like we were in pretty similar position to you just a few years ago. Growing up (we grew up outside of Boston, MA), all of our indoor sports were inside. And, just like you, a lot of our friends were pretty well-versed in the outdoor, Winter sports, like skiing and snowboarding.

It wasn't until we started participating in things like obstacle course races that we made the decision to seek out some advice on finding the best Winter running gear.

As it turns, out we were definitely going to have to apply the advice that we did receive, as our first venture into Winter running was in the Beast of Burden Winter 50 Mile Ultramarathon.

So, here's a short list of some of the items that helped us then, and continue to help us now, in both training and in racing. Keep checking this page, as our readers will usually contribute their best suggestions in the comment area, as well!

Best Winter Running Gear - Starter Items

  • Gloves and/or Mittens - Our hands are pretty sensitive to colder temperatures for some reason. Though the rest of our body feels warm, that's always been a source of discomfort for us. We were pretty happy to get advice on the pairing of both gloves and mittens. And, we found Burton's Gore-Tex Mittens on Amazon, the first pair we'd tried, to be incredible! Ours came with both gloves and mittens, and provided the ability to switch from wearing one, the other, or both really easily. They definitely came in handy during the Winter Beast of Burden, and in our snowshoeing adventures since. Whenever ours wear thin, which they haven't yet after several years of tough use, we're pretty sure we're heading right back for another pair!

  • A Balaclava - This funny looking thing has actually been one of our favorite additions to our Winter running gear essentials. And, it is great for some of the cooler training runs in Spring and Fall, or if you happen to be out to watch a late, Fall football game. We've been fans of the Self Pro Balaclava on Amazon for it's affordable price and great level of protection. We've used it for recreation, competition, and for errands when it is cold out. We've even heard that it is popular for those who enjoy motorcycle rides. There are several brands, types, and materials for the level of Winter extremes that you may be experiencing. We'd say this is a definite add!

  • A DryRobe - This piece of Winter running gear is less for time spent during your activity of choice, and is more for the before and after, especially if you've been in and out of water while running in an obstacle course race, in a triathlon, or anything else where the temperatures are unforgiving. The DryRobe has been the most comfortable and warming piece of gear, accompanying us on our travels. Get ready to snuggle close, as your running buddies without one are going to want to enjoy the warmth along with you!

These All Make Great Running Gifts, Too

Each of these items make great running gifts, as well. We're sure the runners in your lives have some or all of these on their holiday lists!

Runners and readers, let's help Erin find the best Winter running gear! Leave your advice and must-haves in the comments below!

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Oct 06, 2019
Winter Socks
by: Peter

Injinji and Zensah both make really good Winter, running socks. It is kind of overlooked, since a lot of people just get warm wool socks, but they aren't always designed for what athletes are going to be up against!

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