the best rucksack | how to choose the ruck best for you

Is there a best rucksack?

In our humble opinions, there are several best rucksacks.

Each one fits a specific purpose (incredibly well, we might add!).

And, nothing meets the high standard that we require of our own rucking gear as well as GORUCK rucksacks do.

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The Best Rucksack For Each of Several Needs

In our opinion, these are the 3 best rucksacks on the planet (with a strong case for being the best in the universe).

Though they are interchangeable, each one is well suited for specific activity or function, so we suggest collecting them all!

Suggested uses:

  • One for rucking
  • One for everyday carry
  • One for traveling the world


GORUCK GR1 - This specific rucksack is our EDC (everyday carry) backpack.

It is suitable for the battlefield, GORUCK events, obstacle races, and even the office.

It is also the rucksack that we use most often when training, hiking, or rucking local roads and/or trails.

With this rucksack, you won't feel like a 3rd grader with too many books in his or her backpack. It is of reasonable size, with plenty of compartments for easy storage and organization.

As of this writing, we've had ours for 4 years, and it is as tough as ever. Should anything ever happen, the Scars Lifetime Guarantee is our "insurance policy."


GORUCK GR2 - With all the same great durability as the GR1, the GORUCK GR2 offers a bit more size, and has become our main companion when traveling around the Country.

No more awkward, wheeled suitcases for us. Being TSA carry-on compliant, and with 3 compartments and 8 pockets, we couldn't imagine traveling without one.

As the folks at GORUCK explain, "GR2 is a suitcase on your back. Pack everything you need, and it still fits in the overhead compartment."


GORUCK GR3 - A relative newcomer to the selection of GORUCK rucksacks, though with no less durability, and even more room.

Affectionately known as "The Largest Possible Carry-On," the GR3 will thrive in the mountains, on the trails, or in the city. Slightly larger than the GR2, and with two large compartments, this is a travel organizer's dream.

Whether you keep it clean, or attempt to rough it up a bit in the mountains and on the trails is up to you!

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We appreciate the help and insight!

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