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Welcome to our affiliate resources area!

In the years of our experience in building websites, we've long been students of ethical affiliate promotion of digital products.

We've been vendors and affiliates, and have received great help and advice through the years in becoming more successful in each endeavor.

Now, we'd like to help you. Here are a few, initial steps to take to get started on your journey.

1) Get Your Free ClickBank Nickname

If you've not visited ClickBank previously, they are the company supporting our efforts and the efforts of digital content creators worldwide.

Whether you're to be a vendor (creating your own products) or an affiliate, you'll need to create your username.

ClickBank tracks all of our digital product sales, provides secure transaction for our customers, tracks the sales of our affiliates, accounts for the affiliate commissions that may be due, and sends appropriate payment.

2) Create Your Unique Link For Our E-Book

With your ClickBank ID, you'll now be able to earn 50% commission on your referred sales of our e-book, "20 Strength and Endurance-Building Rucking Workouts."

How do you ensure that you are credited through ClickBank's systems? You'll want to setup your unique url as follows, with your ClickBank ID replacing the area where AFFILIATE is listed.


ClickBank does also have hoplink creation tools, accessible within your dashboard and within the ClickBank Marketplace.

3) Use Banners and e-Book Cover Images

As an affiliate of ours, you may use the following banner and ebook cover images.

You may not edit or adjust the content of the images in any way, other than an adjustment of the size of the image as a whole. Also, you may not create your own banners using any of our images, content, branding, or our site name. These pre-made images are the only ones available currently for use.

You may right click and select "Save as" to save these images to a device of your choice. As you are posting them to your own site or blog, you would attach your referring, ClickBank link to them.

Banner Image

E-Book Cover Image

20 Rucking Workouts Square Banner

Questions About Affiliate Resources

Should you have questions, or if you'd like to discuss potential, promotional efforts, please utilize our Contact Form.

Thank You

Thank you for your consideration in becoming an affiliate supporter of ours through ClickBank's platform and resources.

We're looking forward to supporting each other in success.

- The Team

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