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The Running Club Reader, Issue #011 -- Happy Thanksgiving!
November 28, 2019

We are thankful for you, our community of runners, readers, friends, and family.

From us to you, have the happiest of Thanksgiving days.

Whether you're running a 5k, or running to the kitchen for more, take time to be thankful for your health and fitness.

And, should you need some help, or want to share a few stretches or exercises with friends and family, here are a few of our most recommended options.

The Movement Vault is our favorite for video instruction on flexibility and mobility. It is a fantastic way to get moving, and to minimize aches and pains!

Movement Vault Start

We appreciate your being here with us.

We're psyched to share some *virtual* miles with you as we find our finish line!

Happy Running and Rucking!
- The Team

P.S. - On rucking e-book is on sale! Get your copy today!

20 Strength and Endurance-Building Rucking Workouts

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