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The Running Club Reader, Issue #010 -- Flexibility and Mobility
November 08, 2019

We know that runners love to run.

That's a given.

However, most runners seem to avoid the other important elements that keep them running, uninjured, and performing well.

Usually, that boils down to 2 areas:

- Strength training

- Flexibility and mobility

To help with the latter, we've found Movement Vault to be our resource of choice.

With 15-minute videos streaming to your device of choice, you'll have the instruction you need to make this a consistent part of your overall running program.

Take a look here:

Movement Vault Start

Thanks again for being here with us.

We're psyched to share some *virtual* miles with you as we find our finish line!

Happy Running and Rucking!
- The Team

P.S. - Movement Vault is offering a 7-day free trial for their flexibility and mobility videos. Definitely give them a look!

Movement Vault Start

P.S.S - Have an amazing weekend, and be sure to grab a copy of our newest e-book if you haven't already!

20 Strength and Endurance-Building Rucking Workouts

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