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The Running Club Reader, Issue #006 -- 4 Workouts for You!
October 11, 2019

It has been a fantastically productive week!

We hope that yours has been, as well.

As you're getting ready to enjoy the weekend, we'd love to share with you a new e-course that we've just completed.

It's based on some of the crosstraining that we love to do with rucking.

Check it out here:

4 Rucking Workouts e-Course

In 1 email per day over the course of 5 days, you'll get a workout in each of the following categories:

- Baseline / Progress Check Workouts - Energy System Development Workouts - Strength Workouts - Hybrid Workouts

We're pretty excited about it, and we hope that you are, too.

It's all part of our new "20 Strength and Endurance-Building Rucking Workouts" e-book.

Want the whole e-book now? Learn more here:

20 Strength and Endurance-Building Rucking Workouts

Thanks again for being here with us.

We're psyched to share some *virtual* miles with you as we find our finish line!

Happy Running and Rucking!
- The Team

P.S. - Have an amazing weekend, and be sure to check out our free e-course!

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