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The Running Club Reader, Issue #002 -- The Mental Running Game
September 13, 2019

We hope you've had an excellent week of training!

As always, we've been working hard to add to the content of the site, giving you the information that you need to be the runner you want to be.

We're excited about one of the newer sections to our site, where we focus on mindset and the mental part of training and racing.

There's even a video, featuring Adrianna Franch and Emily Sonnett of our US Women's Soccer National Team.

Even professional athletes think about mindset!

Take a look:

Click through here to read (and watch) "The Running Mind."

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5 Running Mindset Tips

Thanks again for being here with us.

We're psyched to share some *virtual* miles with you as we find our finish line!

Happy Running!
- The Team

P.S. - Click through here to read up on our most highly recommended running resources!

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