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The Running Club Reader, Issue #001 -- Runners, On Your Mark
September 06, 2019

Congratulations on being at the starting line with us, as one of the very first members of our community!

We've been working hard to add to the content of the site, giving you the information that you need to be the runner you want to be.

We haven't been alone in our efforts!

We're thankful for our visitors who have been writing their own running stories.

It is a favorite site feature of ours that you're able to be our voice!

Thinking of writing an article, asking a question, or penning a review?

Click through here to see all the areas where you can contribute.

Here are some of our fave contributions so far:

Top 5 Cross Training Tips
The Top 5 Best Tips for Obstacle Races
Running vs Walking

Thanks again for being here with us at the starting line.

We're psyched to share some *virtual* miles with you as we find our finish line!

Happy Running!
- The Team

P.S. - Click through here to read up on our most highly recommended running resources!

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