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5k running: one of our favorite distances

5k runningWith friends and family at the Sharon Timlin 5k in Hopkinton, MA (right near the Boston Marathon Start Line)!

Though we have an obvious affinity for marathon running & ultra-distance events, 5k running is something special.

It is an event distance that is perfect for those who consider whether running vs walking is better for them.

Tell us about your favorite 5k race here.

It can be participated in both recreationally and/or competitively.

It is a great distance for participation for men, women, and kids of all ages and abilities.

It can bring communities together in support of specific people, organizations, and/or causes.

And, you don't need much space to get the distance accomplished (great for race directors!). It can be run through neighborhoods or at the local track.

My First 5k Running Race

mass ave mileThe Mass Ave Mile hurt, in a good way! Haha!

I'm not entirely sure which race happened to be my first 5k event, though it very likely could have been The Sharon Timlin 5k Race to Cure ALS.

I'd been so fortunate to have been a friend and Personal Trainer to Dawn Timlin, the wife of Mike Timlin, former pitcher for our Boston Red Sox!

As often as I've been able to over the last 16 or so years, I've done my best to always return to Hopkinton for the race each year. It absolutely holds a special place in my heart. And, it is fantastic to see Mike and Dawn hosting and participating in the event each year, as well.

I've always found 5k (3.1 miles) races to be a fantastic distance in which to get in a great training run, or to go all out, challenging yourself to set a personal best time in the distance.

Participating in as many 5k events as I have, I'm sure it contributed to the self-confidence I needed in order to participate in other events, like The Mass Ave Mile (pictured), obstacle races, and ultra-distance events.

Bringing Together Friends & Communities

One of the great things about the 5k race distance is that it really can be a great fit for any level of runner or walker.

It is an achievable distance, and there isn't so much of a learning curve as to the skills needed to participate.

We've been especially fond of this, and have enjoyed the ability to get groups of friends, clients, and family together in our communities.

As you can see in the pictures below, we've participated in 5k races in Watertown, MA (where our Personal Training studio had been located at the time), in Cambridge, MA for Oktoberfest, and in 5k obstacle course races at The Raid Series, Beach Raid, where we had fun running the 5k distance with several obstacles mixed in.

And, those are just some of our more local races. We've been in touch with runners who aim to participate in a 5k in every State in the USA! What are some of your goals?

5k running WatertownAt a 5k running race in Watertown, MA with Personal Training client, Kristen!
cambridge 5k runningWith teammates at a 5k running in Cambridge, MA. Which one am I?
5k running obstacle course raceAt the Raid Series, Beach Raid 5k Obstacle Course Race!

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We Love Running for Charity

5k running for charityWe love giving back and rallying around great causes!

It is an absolute privilege to be able to run.

Not everyone has that luxury. It is a truth that can often be taken for granted.

We can't imagine not being able to give back to the people and communities that have given us so much, that bring so many people together, and have positive impact on the lives of others.

No matter our finishing place in any race, what has mattered the most to us has been running for charity, and involving others to help in making even greater impact.

Do You Have a Favorite, Local 5k Race? Give Them a Shout Out Here!

We'd love to hear all about your fave, local 5k Running Race.

Tell us why you run it, who is involved, what the course is like, and why you keep going back each year (if you do).

The more detail, the better!

Here are some examples of topics you might write about:

  • Running my 1st 5k

  • The ______ is My Favorite 5k Race

  • The Toughest 5k I Ever Ran

  • Here are The Top 5 Best Running Tips for Your First 5k

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