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the 10k running distance: another favorite

10k runningOn the field at Gillette Stadium as part of The Finish at the 50!

Is completing the 10k running distance a goal of yours?

Maybe you've checked the 5k running distance off of your list, and you've got your sights set on that next great challenge.

Or, you're an experienced runner, who has found his or her wheelhouse.

Tell us about your favorite 10k races here.

Much like you'll find with the 5k, there are groups of runners who swear by the 10k distance, helping to make it a routine offering of local, race organizations.

And, you'll often find both distances, the 5k and the 10k, as being offered as options to runners, as part of the same event.

On this page, you'll find our top 3 10k running tips when "graduating" from shorter distances.

You'll also have the opportunity to contribute your own tips, stories, and 10k race reviews, as well!

Our First 10k Running Experience

I remember making the leap from running the 5k to running the 10k as being pretty significant at the time.

As much as I enjoyed sports, activity, and weightlifting, I hadn't been running consistently.

However, the opportunity had presented itself to be a part of the very first Finish At The 50 Race, being held at Gillette Stadium, the beloved home of our New England Patriots!

The course would take us in and around Foxborough, MA. And, better yet, the end of the race would. have us running into the stadium, onto the field, and crossing the finish line at the 50-yard line! How could we say no!?

Gillette Stadium 10k RaceWe'd be running through the helmet, out onto the field, and finishing at the 50-yard line of Gillette Stadium!

Race Day at Gillette Stadium was Awesome!

finish at the 50 10kFriends and family at The Finish at the 50 10k race!

We had an incredible time that day.

Part of the course brought us through the neighborhoods of Foxborough, MA.

I even saw, for the first time, another athlete enjoying some barefoot running (while keeping his feet cool by staying on the yellow-painted road lines; it was hot that day!).

Other segments of the race saw us on the ramps of Gillette Stadium.

And, of course, finishing the race on the same field on which the Patriots play was absolutely memorable!

Preparing For Your 1st 10k Race

Getting ready for 5k and 10k races can be pretty similar. Here are our top 3 running tips for preparing to "level up" to the 10k distance.

1) Be Consistent in Your Training

perfect attendance award(Nearly) Perfect Attendance for the Win!

Though the picture may show a Perfect Attendance Award, we are great fans of aiming for progress, rather than perfection.

It is okay to miss a day, here and there, for good reason. However, we don't want those missed days to become overwhelming trends in our training.

Building strong consistency in your training will allow your body to adapt efficiently to the various stresses it is experiencing.

Available on Amazon (affiliate link).

2) Focus on Strength Training

runners who liftBe sure to count yourself amongst the runners who lift!

We know that runners love to run.

And, when deciding upon what to do (when they don't have a structured program for resistance training and running workouts), strength training is most often skipped over. Well, that and stretching.

Where the 10k distance, for those increasing mileage, is going to increase the total number of steps you'll be taking, both during the race and during training, you'll need to prepare your joints for the impact you'll be experiencing.

A focus on strength training will save your joints, improve your strength, power, and endurance, and will help to improve your 10k running speed. And, you'll likely experience improved recovery after training, and after racing!

Mike Boyle - Functional Training for Strength

The first NSCA (National Strength and Conditioning Association) National Conference that we'd attended was in Las Vegas in 2002, where Mike Boyle was a presenter.

Even at that time, now nearly two decades ago, he was a fixture in the industry, challenging traditional thought, and maintaining a foot in the trenches voice, where he was actively training clients and athletes.

There have been several editions of, and updates to, his Functional Training for Sports releases. His are readings that we visit often.

Available on Amazon (affiliate link).

3) Engage in Positive Self Talk (Often)

positive self talkStay Positive!

Fear is part of what prevents people from discovering their true capabilities.

Accompanying fear, we often find negative self talk. This sort of mental paralysis is often as defeating, if not more so, than the physical hurdles we may encounter.

Whenever you are taking on a new challenge, it will be helpful to engage in positive self-talk.

It won't always come easily, though. Much like our muscles, we must exercise our mental capacity with great consistency, in order to realize the full benefit of the practice.

David Goggins - Can't Hurt Me

Though his distances of choice, in both daily training and in racing, lean more toward ultramarathon and multi-day racing, the mindset teachings that David Goggins offers have impacted runners of many distances.

We had the pleasure of saying hello at The Endurance Society's Infinitus event one year, and enjoyed a short talk.

His book, Can't Hurt Me, organizes many of his thoughts and messages regarding positivity in the face of challenge.

Available on Amazon (affiliate link).

Suggested reading: Mindset quotes.

Do You Have a Favorite, Local 10k Race? Give Them a Shout Out Here!

We'd love to hear all about your fave, local 10k Running Race.

Tell us why you run it, who is involved, what the course is like, and why you keep going back each year (if you do).

The more detail, the better!

Here are some examples of topics you might write about:

  • Running my 1st 10k

  • The ______ is My Favorite 10k Race

  • The Toughest 10k I Ever Ran

  • Here are The Top 5 Best Running Tips for Your First 10k

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