10 practical tips for running

10 practical tips for runningWhat are your best 10 practical tips for running?

In asking for contributions to our 10 Practical Tips for Running list, the response was nothing short of amazing! :)

We are very fortunate to have a running community of friends, coaches, athletes (recreational and competitive) who love the sport, and who love helping others.

With the amount of responses received, we're quite sure the list here is longer than just 10 tips! Lucky you!

Our list below includes suggestions from professional athletes, recreational runners, certified personal trainers, and more.

Click here to share your own best running tips and add to our list!

Let's Dig In to 10 Practical Tips for Running! (In No Particular Order...)

1) Jane Says...

“My running tips are way different than most. I go by feel and not by the watch. I’m not a racer so I don’t train that way. I train to finish something. I also find that pushing 50 (I’m 47) that I run three days in a row and take two off. Recovery is different!” ~ Jane Coffey

2) Listen, Plan, & Buddy Up

“Listen to your body. When you feel good go for it. When something feels off, back off until. Sign up for something 5k to 26.2 to keep you motivated. Find people to run with, hold you accountable!” ~ Becca Pizzi, Follow Becca on Facebook

3) Keep Going

“Don’t give up. I’ve had to start and restart many times Any run is better than no run. Mind over body. Set small goals.” ~ Jenn Kuhl

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4) Approaching Pain & Inflammation Intelligently

“Avoid over the counter NSAID's during tough periods of training. It's easy to rely on medication for pain and I inflammation however it's dangerous long and even short term. Try instead natural ways of reducing inflammation such as Astaxanthin, turmeric or ginger. My favorite is a product by Astavita called 'Astavita Sport'. Using products such as Advil and Aleve merely block pain pathways and cause the body to have an abnormal reaction to inflammation if used for long periods.” ~ Joseph Gray, Follow Joe on Facebook

5) Take Your Time

"Take care of your body. When you notice pain, rest and take your time getting back into it." ~ Shannon D. Hulme

6) Be Patient (With Yourself)

“If you’re a beginner, don’t get frustrated and don’t try to go from zero to 60 overnight. With anything in life, it takes time to adjust. Little by little you will succeed everyday. There is no such thing as failure. The website called marathon running for a reason, because it isn’t a sprint. Make small goals preferably after your first ever run, and slowly begin to set bigger, yet attainable goals the next time. Before you know it, you won’t even think about it anymore. It will just come naturally.” ~ Mike Taverna, Follow Mike on Facebook

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7) Support & Inspiration

“One that comes to mind for me is to have a solid foundation of support and inspiration. For me, I literally keep a small journal book in my racing pack and I call it "The Book of Names." The races I've participated in are anywhere from 24 hours to 240hrs [10 days [Infinitus 888k]]. I've always gone solo, never asked for friends or family to crew. It's a personal decision- I don't ever want to snap at someone for trying to help me go beyond my limitations.There are times when I'm at my highest of highs and plenty of times in my lowest of lows. I'm far from perfect, I'm just human. When I hit my low points and I want to quit or give up; I'll literally start walking and read my book of names. It's just a book of people who I have met at some point in time and they made an impact on my life. [Side note, yes Dave, you are in the book] I may have only met them for a sec or maybe known my whole life. Time isn't important; the quality of the particular moment is. I don't list what the memories were either, the memories redevelop as I read the name. Once I'm out of that low, I put the book away and try to keep on dominating to the x-treme.” ~ Will Bradley

8) Enjoy It!

“Enjoy every run you get! Don’t view running as something you ‘have to do.’ Instead, view it as something you choose/get to do.” ~ Jesse James Jamnik, Follow Jesse on Instagram

9) Focus On Strength & Mobility

“Don't neglect strength work and mobility. Every runner should work on developing a solid posterior chain with movements like nordic leg curls, hip thrusts, lateral squats and core. Mobility isn't just rolling with a lacrosse ball or foam roller. It means moving dynamically to warm up properly and prevent injury. Getting a resistance band or two makes all the difference in the a world.” ~ Miguel Guillermo Medina, Follow Miguel on Instagram and/or Miguel at Yancy Camp

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10) Be Intentional & Comprehensive With Strength Training

“Prioritize single leg training (lunges, SL deadlift, etc...) and don’t ignore upper body strength training.” ~ Erika Tabur, Follow Erika on Instagram

11) Help Others

“Surprise: Running is a team sport. People who train together, succeed together. Achieving a personal running goal feels great, but helping someone else achieve their personal running goal feels even better. And, if you’re ever stuck in your training and wondering why am I doing this, just go spectate a marathon. It brings everything back into focus.” ~ Dana Shulman, Follow Dana on Instagram

We Did Have More Than 10 Practical Tips for Running!

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Use the form below to add your favorite running tips. The more you write, the better.

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