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marathon running"Go as far as you can see; when you get there, you'll be able to see further." ~ Thomas Carlyle

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No matter your level or reason for participating, we're excited to be here with you!

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"20 Strength and Endurance-Building Rucking Workouts"

rucking workouts

Our popular, rucking workouts e-book will add some variety & fun to your training!

  • Learn about us in our "Why I Run" profile section (and, upload your running profile, too!)

  • How to choose the best running shoes

  • Running news available by way of "The Running Club Reader," our free e-newsletter
  • Cross country running

  • The running mind (mindset, sport psychology, and more!)

  • Running club shout outs! (Tell us all about your fave run club, race organization, or fitness community, and what makes them special!)

  • Trail running

  • Our ruck sack e-course (4 free ruck sack workouts delivered conveniently to you!)

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More Fun Running Stuff:

  • Marathon Running Gear (post & read running gear reviews for all distances)

  • Running tips (for beginners and for those with a bit of experience)
  • Ultramarathon running tips, race reviews, and training advice

  • How to start running (running for beginners, tips for running, beginner running program information, and more!)

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  • How to find some favorite running routes in your area
  • Running workouts (to include strength training, flexibility & mobility, core training, and heart-rate training)

  • Information on running vs walking, running for charity, avoiding hip pain from running
  • and, lots more!

You'll even find an area to share your running story in our Running Log!

More Than Just Marathon Running

Though we do love marathon running, you're as likely to find us at a local 5k or 10k race.

Or, you may find us at elevation, testing our legs and lungs, in our favorite mountain running races, ultra-distance events, other running sports (and non-running sports).

Then, there are all of the other fun, multi-sport challenges.

We never get bored!

And, as much fun as crossing finish lines may be, our training days are some of the most pleasurable.

That's especially true as we get to share them with friends, teammates, and the rest of the running community!

In our marathon running section, you'll learn all about:

  • The history of the marathon
  • Training tips for beginners and veterans of the distance
  • Crosstraining tips
  • Goal-setting
  • Positive mindset
  • and, more!

Learn How To Start Running

One of our great joys is in sharing the love of running.

We've all been beginners, in something, at some point in our lives.

Our section on how to start running is one of our most popular.

In it, We Share:

  • Beginner running tips
  • Information on how to perform a mindset reset
  • Treadmill running tips
  • Even information on the popular question, "What is a marathon?"
  • and, more!

All About Mindset

Is your existing mindset supporting you in achieving your goals?

Or, is it working against your ability to see progress?

We explore this, and more, in our running mind section.

You'll Enjoy Articles On:

  • The fastest marathon time (the mental side of the achievement)
  • The mindset definition
  • Running depression
  • Running preparation
  • Quotes on mindset
  • and, more!

Marathon Running Gear Reviews

Do you have a favorite pair of running shoes?

Maybe you have a favorite running watch.

How about what you consider to be the best running watch?

In our marathon running gear section, you'll learn all about what runners wear.

And, you'll be able to share your best advice on the gear that you've enjoyed most!

That way, we're all able to keep learning and experimenting!

Some More Fun Stuff in this Section:

  • Best running watches
  • Garmin running watches
  • Marathon clothing
  • Winter running gear
  • and, more!

Share Your Stories!

One of our favorite things about our site is that it is interactive!

That means that you get to share your running stories with our readers.

We've got a whole list of areas on our site where you'll be able to contribute.

Become a contributing author today!

We can't wait to read all about your running journey!

What Others Have Shared:

Here are just a few of the more than 50 topics that our readers have written about and shared with us:

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  • and, more!

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  • Our Marathon Running Calendar (and all of our other distance races, too!)

  • Common Running Injuries

  • Winter Running Gear (love the seasons up here in New England!)

  • GPS Running Watches (which are you partial to?)

  • And, Running Quotes (to keep you inspired, motivated, and even laughing!)

An Action Shot For You...

loon mountain raceHere I am finishing up the Loon Mountain Race!

Here I am, finishing up the 6.6 miles and 3,200' of elevation gain at the 2019 #LoonMountainRace. This one is consistently a favorite race, year after year, though I'm not certain my quads think so!

Special thanks go to Loon Mountain Resort & Acidotic Racing. And, photo credit to: Joe Viger Photography!

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