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marathon running"Go as far as you can see; when you get there, you'll be able to see further." ~ Thomas Carlyle

Welcome to our marathon running website,!

We are your online resource for everything and anything related to running.

We also provide the very best in Personal Training for Runners in the Greater Boston Area (our home base is in Framingham, MA).

Some of you may have been running competitively for years with a number of races under your belt (maybe even a 100-mile buckle or two).

Others of you may be new to this wonderful community, and looking forward to running exercise for health, hobby, or recreation.

No matter your level or reason for participating, we're excited to be here with you!

Here's Some of the Fun Stuff You'll Find Within Our Site:


  • How to choose the best running shoes

  • Running news available by way of "The Running Club Reader," our free e-newsletter

  • Cross country running

  • Running club shout outs! (Tell us all about your fave run club, race organization, or fitness community, and what makes them special!)

  • Trail running

  • Running tips (for beginners and for those with a bit of experience)

  • Ultramarathon running tips, race reviews, and training advice

  • How to find some favorite running routes in your area
  • Running workouts (to include strength training, flexibility & mobility, core training, and heart-rate training)

  • Information on running vs walking, running for charity, avoiding hip pain from running

  • Ask your running questions in our "Ask a Runner" section

  • and, lots more!

You'll even find an area to share your running story in our Running Log!

More Than Just Marathon Running

Though we do love marathon running, you're as likely to find us at a local 5k or 10k race, or at elevation, testing our legs and lungs, in our favorite mountain running races, ultra-distance events, and other fun, multi-sport challenges.

And, as much fun as crossing finish lines may be, our training days are some of the most pleasurable (even the tough ones), as we get to share them with friends, teammates, and the rest of the running community!

Pikes PeakPikes Peak is such a beautiful mountain! And, it is a great place to hike, run, and explore!
Snowshoe runningNeed a new, Winter activity? Snowshoeing is a favorite of ours. There is much less of a learning curve than most imagine!
track and field hurdlesIt has been a while since we've hurdled, though track workouts are a staple in our weekly training!

Get Comfy, Browse Our Site, & Tell Your Friends

relaxing after marathon running trainingCould this be our readers, browsing before or after their runs? We hope so!

Here's what to do next:

  • Grab your favorite recovery drink (don't forget to hydrate for your next run!)

  • Find a comfy spot on the couch

  • Get ready to browse through all the fun info here on (take a look at our marathon running blog for the latest news & updates to the site!)

  • Be sure to tell all your running buddies about us by sharing our site with them!

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Things We're Daydreaming About Right Now...

  • New Running Shoes (do you have a favorite brand?)

  • Trail Running

  • New Running Routes

  • Running Workouts (gotta get in that strength training!)

  • Running Music (do you have a fave playlist?)

  • Running for Charity

  • How to Improve Running Speed

  • Our Marathon Running Calendar (and all of our other distance races, too!)

  • Winter Running Gear (love the seasons up here in New England!)

  • GPS Running Watches (which are you partial to?)

  • And, Funny Running Quotes! :)

An Action Shot For You...

Loon Mountain RaceWe LOVE the Loon Mountain Race!

Here I am, finishing up the 6.6 miles and 3,200' of elevation gain at the 2019 #LoonMountainRace. This one is consistently a favorite race, year after year, though I'm not certain my quads think so!

Special thanks go to Loon Mountain Resort & Acidotic Racing. And, photo credit to: Joe Viger Photography!

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Got Questions? Ask a Runner Anything!

running questions

Do you have something running-related on your mind? Check out the "Ask a Runner" section of our site!

See our running FAQs, ask your running questions, and provide answers to other readers/runners here, too!

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